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Current Issue Relating to Mental Health Challenges

Current Issue Relating to Mental Health Challenges

Current Issue

The current mental issue that has lately been in the news is the issue of the impact of drug abuse on the mental health of the individuals. Studies have shown that continued use of the anxiety drugs increases the chances of suffering from depression and tendencies. This drug incident has been in the news because a congressional candidate in Arizona had to suspend his campaigns because of a potential overdose of drugs. Chris Taylor, who was an army veteran, took the unprecedented step to suspend his campaigns after it became apparent that the drug substance abuse disorder would not allow him to contest (Mindock, 2020).

Apart from the commonly abused drugs such as bhang, even prescription drugs can be detrimental to the health of an individual. For example, beta-blockers and digoxin drugs significantly affect the health of the elderly, including the reduction of memory. The digoxin drug is also a well-known substance that, if taken in large quantities, can lead to increased cases of depression, mental acceleration, and the beginning of the alteration of the memory capacity of the individual. Drug overdose causes mental anguish, especially if the individual is trying so much to stop the user of the drugs, but unfortunately, his chances of success are minimal (Mindock, 2020).

Social perspective of the mental health problem caused by the abuse of drugs.

A person who abuses drugs runs the risk of antagonizing the society that he lives in. If the drug abuser is running for public office, disappoints his constituents if he reaches a time where he does not contest again because of the drugs issue (Katie, 2020). The social aspect is disappointment in the people who trust you because you cannot stop the habit.

Advantages of the social perspective in the abuse of drugs.

Social perspective requires you to apologize for the mistake you have committed and come up with a recovery plan as related to the current issue of drug abuse exacerbating the mental illnesses.

It is easy to get sponsors who are willing to help you get out of your problem. There is a need to join social support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, who will be on the frontline to help you interact with other people like the likeminded alcoholics. This is a strategy that can assist you in recovery.


There is an apparent lack of emphasis on the personal power to stop the drug and substance abuse—a developmental perspective of the increase in drug abuse, causing an increase in mental health issues.

The economic effect of intense drug abuse is manifested by the enormous treatment costs that an individual who is with such a problem incurs. The other disadvantage of this practice is the effect of the abuse of drugs on the welfare of the members of the public, especially public safety. If the safety of the people is not assured, there can be chaos and insecurity challenges. There are other costs of labor non-participation. A person experiencing mental health issues will not be working, and hence there will be a loss of potential income that would have resulted in the company if this person was working.

The advantage arising from this perspective is when the individual government allocates money to the institutions charged with the protection of mental wellness. The more mental cases induced by abuse of drugs become a developmental issue, the higher the chances of the government allocating funds to be used in dealing with this problem.

From the preceding, it is better to apply a common approach and perspective towards the resolution of the problem of mental issues arising from the abuse of drugs.

Part 2

One way of increasing public awareness about mental health issues to come up with literacy programs touching on the community level (Murthy, Kapanee, Desai & Chaturvedi, 2020). The organizers of this functional problem are the government i.e., the federal government or the local authority must be alive to the fact that there is a need to sieve all the information that is going to the members of the public so that there are very few gaps in the report.

Negligence in the manner in which the knowledge is accepted should be done because people who are with the mental health issues must recognize the problem, enroll in a detox program and avoid abusing drugs (Katie, 2020). The limitations of this program are that it is difficult to reach all the people and inform them of the drug-induced mental health challenges. Lack of the proper budget allocation will deal a deadly blow to the efforts by the community organizers.


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