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Completing the Annotated Bibliography GEN103: Information Literacy

Research Question:

How is social media having a negative effect on our children?

 Social media can have a negative effect on our children by them viewing inappropriate things on the internet just to name a few; violence, low self-esteem, and sexual behavior.

These alone can cause so many problems into our children lives.

Annotation 1: Scholarly Article 1:

Reference: Matyjas.B (2015). Mass Media and Children. Globality in Everyday Life.

Procedia-social and behavioral. Sciences(I2) 174(International conference and New

Horizons in Education, In 2014,25-27. June 2014,

Annotation: The reason for this source is to show how internet or the media has an major part in our lives on a daily basis. The purpose of the article is to give an outlook on the data and to show the amount of internet that we are using on a day to day basis. The author mentions that the internet has a positive and negative effect. The positive effect is by earning knowledge and demonstrating correct pattern of behavior. The negative effect is that some can come attached, and the internet can have a negative influence of behavior.

The source will assist my topic because it has many statics on how the negative of internet over power the positive. The author speaks out about when a child stays on the internet it changes their attitude and personality. The author states according to E U kids online did a research 60% kids are online every day. Furthermore, that’s over half of the kids online.

Annotation 2: Scholarly Article 2:

Reference: Lupareno, S (2014) The Negative Influence of the Technical Means on

Children Development. Bulgarian Journal of Science &Education Policy, 8c).70 Annotation: The article discusses the negative influence of the technical on children development. Technology can have so many negative impacts on the children development because it can impact the way their brain is developing if they are abusing technology and using it in the wrong way. This could be cause by too much screen time and as parents we could monitor and watch for what our children using technology for. This article is a great one for my research because it discusses how technology can harm our children when it comes to them developing. This is an awesome article and by me reading the title page I knew it would benefit my bibliography.

Annotation 3: Web Page 1:

Reference: Clinton,C. & Steyer,J.P( 2012, May 21). Is the Internet hurting children.

Retrieved from

Annotation: The article discusses all the negative impact that the internet provides to our children. The internet is affecting our children physical and mental; it can also influence and have an impact on our child growth. The only way we can aid our kids is if we as parents step in and modify our kid’s free time. The author states that according to Unesco date, children age 3-5 are on the internet or tv 28 hours a week and children over age 5 and up, are on the internet twice as much. The article helps my topic because it give details on how the internet isn’t beneficial for our kids if they are using it too much or for the wrong reason.

I can tell that this source will answers majority of my questions, by viewing the topic. The reasoning of this source to see if research shows if we are harming our children by letting them has access to the internet. The main focus is to make sure internet don’t change our children or manipulate their minds.

Annotation 4: Web Page 2:

Reference: Collender, J. (2016, April 12) The Internet, Social Media and TFC Youth.

Retrieved form, WWW. families/

Annotation: The reasoning of this article is to classify ways that show the internet is harming our children. This article gives technique or tips that are very useful and can assist the decrease the negatively on kids using the internet. The author provides a statics on youth and social media. The statics provides information that 95% of teen are online, and 24% are online continuously. 88% uses the internet from a smartphone, 93% from computer. 81% have access to some type of social media. This source will not only be beneficial in providing information on ways to aid decrease kid usages on the internet or social media, but also ways we can learn what our child is doing online. We could try some of suggestion tips. For instance, make sure our child is the appropriate age for

Facebook, and we should become our kid friends on all their social media. Limit their

time on the cell phone and just making sure that the internet doesn’t take over our children lives.

Annotation5: eBook 1:

Reference: Patti M. Valkenburg (2004, April 26) Children's Responses to the Screen.

Retrieved form,

Annotation: The reasoning for this book is to explain why children love to look or have any type of device. This book explains effects from media violence, how children are reacting to media and news and other entertainment. It also discusses effects of computer games and internet. This eBook ties into all of topic and supports it in every way because it touch basis with everything that I have wrote about. It will be beneficial in so many ways because it gives so many details on “screen” and media use for children.

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