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CHS 245 Cultural Event Review Food Truck Festivals held in California: A Unique Cultural Experience

A brief description of the event that you attended

Your reaction to the event. For example, what did you like? What didn’t you like? What were your general impressions? What questions did the event raise for you?

How did this event contribute to your understanding of Multicultural history, Chicano history or U.S. history in general? Give examples.

Can you link this event to our class? For example, are there any themes discussed in this class or in the class readings that can also be seen in the event you attended?

Include any final thoughts on how this event contributed to your historical learning or historical thinking.

You must also attach to your review a ticket, flyer or event program as proof of having attended the event.

Note: This assignment should not just be descriptive, but rather include critical reflection on how this event contributed to your understanding of history.

Food Truck Festivals held in California

It is important to acknowledge the fact that United States of America is known mostly for the making of fast foods as compared to the street food. In the last few years, food trucks festivals have thrived a lot, which tend to reflect the results of technology and also the trucks reflect a reality of urban life. Many people have decided to be attending these festivals due to the fact that they are very mobile and being a restaurant that is on wheels, it is in a position to cater for the needs of different groups including those at other festivals and bars.

I was privileged to attend The Valley Food Truck Festival. This event took place in California, on last week and was organized by the Wholly Rollers. I have to say it was a real experience not just for me but for all the people who participated in it. I was really motivated to attend this particular event because I missed the previous one, which most people really gave a lot of positive comments. The event was characterized by the presence of so many trucks by the sides, enough space with a lot of tables and the chairs which were neatly placed in the middle, with so lovely music that was being played by the DJ. I really felt happy with the event since, it brought the people from all races of life and also of different ages that is, both the young and the elderly. Security was also put at check and therefore, all the people present did not only feel secure but, they were also free to interact with different people from different places.

Being a person who loves eating, I could not wait to have a taste of the mouth watering meals that were prepared at the event. Everything looked delicious to me, but I really loved the taste of bacon burger, jam and the goat cheese. The sweet and chili garlic wings looked very pleasing and awesome. I really enjoyed this meal and asked myself, “How could my health be if I ate such a meal on daily basis?” I could not end the day without a taste of Willoughby Road. This is prepared with fried chicken grilled with watermelon and added a creamy mac and cheese. The meal looked delicious from the appearance, though I never enjoyed it since, the chicken was very greasy than I am used to and was very juicy and not dry. The mac and cheese to me were not impressive and the grilled watermelon was nice. Generally, the event was nice since it was organized and well coordinated and the organizers were cooperative as well.

Such events have a very good significance in the well being and the stay of the people. It is through events like these that people come together from other places and share experiences and skills. Such does not only bring cohesiveness among the people, but it also makes sure that people learn new ways of doing things in life. A lot of the learning however, relates to the fact that, more styles and foods cooked in America has been adopted from other countries. For instance; the eating of the delicious Mexican foods like a rolled sandwich, and styles of selling these foods is traced to be of a Mexican origin.

It is evident that just like in America where the people buy and eat fast foods in the streets; Mexico is one country where that tradition has been mostly used. It is clear that, this idea must have come from the culture being practiced in Mexico, where people eat while standing on the sidewalk. The main factor that could have contributed to this is, the coming of the Chicanos as slaves in United states of America, which enabled people to exchange their cultures and hence, the adoption of this culture.

As discussed in class on the topic above, it was clear that, culture represents not only the customs and ideas of a particular society or people, but it also talks about their social behavior. The event that was organized by Wholly Rollers is a clear manifestation of culture as learnt is the class. The event brought so many cultures and people of different races to a common goal of sharing the experiences of different foods from different cultures.

As much as the coming of different people to the United States in few decades was viewed differently by then, in conclusion, it is coming clearly that they have played a major role in the enriching the American culture. Many things done in America today, not just the food they eat, the music played also has a lot of significance, since it has beats that originated from outside America. Religion in America has also been enriched because of different views coming from other cultures.

American people today do not consider racism as was the case in early decades when it comes to education and job allocation. It is clear that, racism is of the past and that is the main reason why of all the things, An African made it to the White House (President Barrack Obama). Today, so many people across the world are getting scholarships to visit and study in America. The main reason for this is to enable all the races and culture to help America realize its dream.

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