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Write the formula and state if the compound is ionic (I) or molecular (M)


Tin (IV) oxide SnO2 M

Magnesium fluoride MgF2 I

Manganese (IV) carbonate Mn(CO3)2 I

Potassium sulfide K2S I

Phosphorus trichloride PCl3 M

Strontium hydroxide Sr(OH)2 I

Iron (III) sulfite Fe2S3 I

Sulfur trioxide SO3 M

Iodine trichloride I2Cl6 I

Hydrogen iodide HI M

Chromium (III) sulfate Cr2(SO4)3 I

Magnesium sulfide MgS I

Copper (II) acetate Cu(CHCOO)2 I

Lithium chromate CrLi2O4 I

Barium iodite BaI2 I

Hydrogen bromide HBr M

Tin (IV) chlorite SnCl4 I

Tetraphosphorus heptafluoride O7P4 M

Barium nitrate Ba(NO3)2 M

Dinitrogen trioxide N2O3 M

Calcium fluoride CaF2 I

Magnesium nitride Mg2N2 I

Disulfur dichloride S2Cl2 M

Aluminum permanganate Al(MnO4)3 I

Lithium sulfite Li2SO3 I

Barium perchlorate Ba(ClO4)2 I

Sodium hydrogen carbonate NaHCO3 I

Carbon disulfide CS2 M

Calcium hypobromite Br2CaO2 I

Iron (II) dichromate Fe2(CrO4)3 I

Potassium nitrite KNO2 I

Lead (II) nitride Pb3N2 I

Magnesium hydrogen sulfate Mg(HSO4)2q I

Aluminum bromide AlBr3 I

Nitrogen triiodide NI3 M

Iodine monochloride ICl M

Name the compound

Ba(OH)2 Barium Hydroxide I

OCl2 Dichlorine monoxide M

HC2H3O2 Acetic Acid M

NaOH Sodium Hydroxide I

HI(g) Hydrogen Iodide M

SF6 Sulfur hexafluoride M

CO Carbon monoxide M

Co(NO3)2 Cobalt nitrate I

ZnCl2 Zinc Chlorides I

XeF4 Xenon tetrafluoride M

Cs2Se Dicesium Selenide I

PbO2 Lead dioxide I

K2S Potassium Sulfide I

N2O4 Dinitrogen tetraoxide M

CuO Copper(II) Oxide I

VBr3 Vaanadium(III) bromide I

SF4 Sulfure tetrafluoride M

P2O5 Phosphorus pentoxide M

KCl Potassium chloride I

FeBr3 Iron(III) bromide I

Na2SO3 Sodium Sulfite I

MgI2 Magnesium Iodide I

CaCO3 Calcium carbonate I

Cu2O Copper(I) oxide I

ClF3 Chlorine trifluoride M

NH4Br Ammonium bromide M

Ba3N2 Barium nitride I

PCl5 Phosphorus pentachloride M

K2SO4 Potassium sulfate I

Ni(NO3)2 Nickel(II) nitrate I

NF3 Nitrogen trifluoride M

Sr3(PO4)2 Strontium Phosphate I

BeCl2 Beryllium chloride I

SO2 Sulfur dioxide M

KMnO4 Potassium manganate(VII) I

BrCl5 Bromine pentafluoride M

BCl3 Boron trichloride M

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