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Chapter 6 How to attract people with disability in an organization

Chapter 6

How to attract people with disability in an organization

While aiming to recruit people with disabilities, you should add promotional messages and a welcoming language such as “we provide reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities.” Additionally, recruitment materials such as brochures and posters should include images of individuals with disabilities and if possible quotes by participants with disabilities who were recruited successfully. Moreover, the organization can link up with agencies that are led and work with people with disability. University disability services offices, local independent living centers, rehabilitation organizations and disability rights organizations are critical sources of knowledge and support.

Sourcing strategies for effective entry level manager in a campus setting

To source for an entry level manager in a university setting, the recruiter should adversely use the technology as a strategy in his recruiting process. This is because most of the campus population has access to the internet and other forms of technology. Additionally, and you can source for an entry level manager through written media advertisement. You can use printed media such as posters all over the campus notice board, and this will attract a significant audience since the printed media is the best form of communication used on the campus.

Where the message could be placed to attract my attention

There are many recruiting sources to attract and hire the best employees. For my case, to fill the position of the best candidate, the recruiter can use online postings to attract my attention. This is because I spend most of the time on the internet acquainting myself with what is new. Moreover, online postings will be guaranteed of my quick response because am always alert to new emails and new contacts.

How recruiting sources differ from a local and national recruitment.

Local and national recruitment sources vary in that for local recruitment agencies, they have defined sources to get their job seekers apply for available jobs while for national recruitment it has limited sources because of the demand for skilled labor only.

Effects of using a single method to source for recruits

Using a sole source of recruitment limits the development of new ideas and hinders access to new insights that can be employed in the elaboration of a company’s recruitment systems. Further, single sourcing results in wastage of resources such as time and money as the recruiters try to get the best candidate.Oftenly; this type of recruitment sourcing discourages the internal candidates from applying for the job opportunities.

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