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Chapter 4- Why some organizations opt not to carry out job analysis

Chapter 4-

Why some organizations opt not to carry out job analysis

Job analysis involves an in-depth description of a position in a company. Companies may be compelled not to carry out a job analysis due to lack of a valid written form of the particular job in question. Additionally, having a single source for their job analysis may prompt them to ignore the importance of carrying out a job analysis

How can job analysis make staffing more strategic?

Job analysis ensures that staffing is more strategic by identifying characteristics in a worker that cannot be quickly learned on the job and exist to at least a moderate extent in the application pool.

How do you evaluate different job opportunities and decide which personally to pursue?

Personally, I value employment opportunities regarding both the monetary and the nonmonetary benefits that the will bring forth. For example I consider the basic remuneration, extras, and profits as well as the satisfaction of meeting personal opportunity goals.

How to resolve conflict between the supervisor and the job incumbents

Conflict resolution can often result in a stronger outsourcing relationship just as human relationships; the ability to face adversity together can bring people closer. In resolving the dispute between the supervisors and the job incumbents I would help them settle down by helping them attain a common ground that is in their mutual interest. Also, I would advocate for secrecy in hearing both parties point of view to help them come to an agreement.

Advice for the job analysis

For the company to reap benefits from the job analysis, I would advise them to consider collecting relevant background information about the company as well as its ethos and business strategies. Furthermore, the company should determine the job’s contribution to strategy execution and competitive advantage. Additionally, they should also consider the necessary resources available to avoid wastage.

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