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Chapter 3 Journal– The Middle American Realm

Chapter 3 Journal– The Middle American Realm

This week’s reflection is on an article “Eta back to sea as Central America tallies damages and dead” by CLAUDIO ESCALÓN and SONIA PÉREZ D published on AP news 06/11/2020. In Central America, continuous heavy rains have led to occurrence of hurricane in the region. A whole week on heavy continuous rain spoiled people’s shelter, crops, bridges were washed aware and some people have been lost midst of Hurricane Eta. Occurrence of this Hurricane pushed rivers over their banks in Honduras causing a lot of floods and families were forced onto rooftops hoping for rescue teams to come for them.

Displacement of families due to floods made many homeless to an extent of going hungry. The worse of all, during this period where COVID-19 is also a major problem in Central America, people’s lives are in great danger. According to Maite Matheu, (Honduras director for the international humanitarian organization CARE), Honduras is the most affected area and urgent help is required to save the lives of those affected by Hurricane Eta.

The governments in Central America continues to put a lot of effect to rescue people who are still in danger, tally the displaced and dead and also to recover bodies from landslides. The flooding has led to death of many people from Guatemala to Panama.

According to Honduras Foreign Affairs minister Lisandro Rosales said via Twitter that “the destruction that Eta leaves us is enormous and public finances are at a critical moment because of COVID-19, we make a call to the international community to accelerate the process of recovery and reconstruction.”

In conclusion, many observers are afraid that the havoc will continue and many people will continue to suffer and more lives will be lost. The Central America governments need to put more effort in a collaborative manner to help their citizens effectively and in time.


Eta back to sea as Central America tallies damages and dead. (2020, November 6). AP NEWS.

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