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Case Study 3.1; Building the Better Mouse, New Mouse for Next Generation Personal Computers

New Mouse for Next Generation Personal Computers

Why does a mouse have to have only 2 buttons and a scroller? Why not add an additional button for the thumb that can be programmed to serve as function key?

Why not make the mouse available in many colors rather than just drab black, grey and off-

In these digital era, computer companies are becoming highly competitive. This is as a result of changes in technological advancements and the greater need to satisfy clients’ tastes and preferences. Most companies have discovered that the key to staying on top of the game in the industry is by having new state of the art mouse. These companies are outsourcing the services of design engineers to help in the manufacturing of the mouse.

In order to come up with state of the art mouse accessories, design engineers at Acme Corp have put greater consideration into the electrical , physical and functional parts of the mouse, in order to create the best mouse that will enable their clients to have a competitive edge in the market. After a series of meetings, the engineering team deliberated on key features to incorporate into the mouse. With the electrical features, the design team deliberated on an inductive charging system hence no need for a charger, a rechargeable mouse using lithium ion batteries which are environmentally friendly, and an on and off switch in the mouse to minimize power usage, the mouse will also have battery status indicator to track power consumption. The mouse is also to be designed with ergonomic fire laser to enable multiplicity of usage and become more suitable to gamers needs.

The physical appearance of the mouse will be small in size for ease in use, the mouse will have multiple colors to spoil customers for choices and come in appealing shapes and different grip features to suit various users tastes, have glove shape for comfortability and ease in use for both left handed and right handed people, the design team also suggests that the mouse to have a third button for the thumb to act as function key, have a protruding touch will at the bottom for ease in navigation and a hard rubber outer body to prevent damage in case of accident.

The design team at Acme Corp has also come up with the following functionality features to make their mouse a buzz in the market; the mouse will be a wireless optical mouse for high sensitivity, high DPI adjustability, two feature multi touch surface for quick touch, a futuristic glove which is touch sensitive, mouse cursor clone dummies to enhance privacy and security, pencil mouse with pen shaft and symmetrical design suitable for lefties and righties, Bluetooth enabled mouse for reliable connection of up to 30 feet. The mouse functionality will also have a magnetic pad rest mat and a transparent scroll with anti-slip rubber so there no need to shift body position while navigating. The design team is also considering chip implants so that users can control their computers by mere body movements instead of using mouse and a glove which will use the fingers to move the cursor.

The design suggestions for the new mouse prototype will be an enormous success to for the design team and their computer company clients, and will enable them gunner a wide market share, offset competition and be a groundbreaking phenomenon for technological advancement.


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