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Case Study 3.1; Building the Better Mouse & Case Study 4.1; Smallburg Community Bank

1. Critique the reaction of Smallberg National Bank to Professor Sanders’ survey findings

2. What are the risks the bank is exposed to due to this reaction?

3. What are the potential risks the bank would be exposed to if they take Bill’s comments more seriously?

4. What are the potentials risks the bank would be exposed to if they ignore Bill’s comments?

5. If you were on the staff of Smallberg National Bank and present in this meeting that took place in 1990, what would you advise them to do ?

Why does a mouse have to have only 2 buttons and a scroller? Why not add an additional button for the thumb that can be programmed to serve as function key?

Why not make the mouse available in many colors rather than just drab black, grey and off-white?

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