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Case 1- The Staffing Dilemma

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Case 1- The Staffing Dilemma

  • Draft an advertisement for the position that will appear in a local newspaper and discuss the legality of marketing this position to women.

  • Discuss what kind of consideration you must give Corey Grant as an applicant, given Franklin’s hiring preference.

  • What type of testing would you involve in the interview and selection process.

Case study: Staffing


Personally Yours Inc. hiring

Personally yours Inc., Odesa, Florida, branch is looking for competent and dynamic nursing professionals to join their team. Interested candidates should possess work experience in working with elderly patients and be able to work under minimal supervision.


1. Provide patients with care as advised by the doctor

2. Observe and record the patient's condition and progress

3. Establish and manage the patient's care plan

4. Proper record-keeping on the patient's medication and the care program used.

5. Help doctors in patient care and treatment like during and after surgeries

6. Plan oversee exercise and diet plans for the patient.


1. Have a Diploma or an Associate’s degree in Nursing

2. Be a Registered Nurse

3. Have an active nursing license from the Florida State

4. Possess basic computer skills, communication, and problem-solving skills

5. Uphold ethical and professional values

6. Able to work more than 12 hours if need be.

Note: The application is open to potential candidates but female candidates are highly preferred regardless of age and ethnicity.

All interested candidates must submit the following by the 10th of June, 2022.

1. Cover letter

2. CV

3. Copy of their Identification document.

Open advertisement on various platforms that would have the interested candidates apply will help. It should be open to avoid problems with gender discrimination where everyone who is qualified can try and their performance will give them a chance whether male or female (Walsh, 2016).

Corey Grant meets the requirements. However, even though Franklin preferred a female, the advertisement was open to all genders to avoid making it gender discriminatory. However, If I am the HR like Alyssa, I think it is right to consider the job requirements and the interest of the patients. Patients need a nurse who is competent and qualified to offer the care they deserve. The organization, the Odesa branch of Personally Yours Inc., needs an employee who is competent to handle the patient's needs. This is what is more important and Corey Grant meets the qualifications which make it worth giving him a chance. Corey should be allowed to undergo the interview process as the rest of the applicants (Walsh, 2016).

During the interview and selection process, one should prove they understand what is expected of them should they get the job. First, they have to show what they would do when handling the patients in the facilities to help test their skills and experience. This practical practice as part of the interview will help them understand what kind of training they should be subjected to when hired and what kind of patients should they handle. Their ability to work under pressure will be tested. It will help them understand their reaction when under challenging situations.


Walsh, D. J. (2016). Employment Law for Human Resource Practice (6th Edition.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning (South-Western). [ISBN: 978-1305-112-124]

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