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BUSN630- Virtual Organizations –Week 3 Discussion

BUSN630- Virtual Organizations –Week 3 Discussion

From a human resources perspective, what are some advantages and disadvantages of your chosen virtual organization? How might these be impacted if your organization was to transition to traditional bricks-and-mortar?

From a human resources (HR) perspective with Facebook, they are the eyes and ears of company from a personnel management perspective. Human resource’s role within a business is to hire and maintain the best and brightest in their field. According to the text, the function of human resources is to recruit and hire staff, the leaders, and managers of organizations, including virtual organizations, must first understand their organization’s staffing need. In a virtual business,

those needs can vary and should be consistent with the company strategic plan and business model.

Some advantages of working for a virtual organization is cost is reduced drastically from a traditional business. The need to have a main headquarters to house your staff does not exist. Another advantage for HR, with everything being done online it lessens the likelihood of documents being loss during the hiring process. It also simplifies tracking the staffs individual progress using a performance metric system. A disadvantage would be not fully knowing who you are hiring. Employees in a virtual business must possess certain qualities such as being self-sufficient, self-starting, highly motivated people. These qualities can be written on a resume or even shown during the interview process. This places HR at a disadvantage with placing the right personnel in key positions. The impact would shift in favor of HR if Facebook were to transition to a traditional business. Employees cannot hide remotely behind their computer monitors. In a traditional business personalities and work ethic will be supervised by management

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