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Review and reflect on your eportfolio. Why did you select the artifacts that you included in your eportfolio? What additional items do you plan to add? What message does your eportfolio convey to a anyone who is reviewing it?

Reflecting on eportfolio, I want to say I will use it in the future, but I can honestly say I don’t think I will use it after this class. When I completed my associate in business administration, I didn’t touch it again until I was enrolled into this class. The main artifacts I plan to put into my portfolio include classroom assignments I feel highlight some of my skills, my resume, and required assignments. Many of the artifacts I selected to be within my eportfolio were those items that were required from different classes, including my resume, an example of a cover letter, a thank you letter, a letter of recommendation, and other documents. I did update my profile photo to be a bit more professional and added a cover photo representing my current company. As required by this course, some of the documents I will be adding will include an executive summary, college transcripts, any program learning summaries, individual course summaries, and any additional documents that I deem as being beneficial within my eportfolio. I think right now the message my eportfolio conveys is mostly focused on academic works. Additionally, the eportfolio seems to be more like a repository for academic writings, projects, and other requirements. This is something I don’t mind because I really do not plan to use my eportfolio to brand myself after this class. My intend is to minimize the amount of stuff I have on social media. I also do not plan to share Portfolium as a form of social media to employers because I prefer to use LinkedIn over Portfolium. Please let me know if there are any questions, thank you.

There are many documents that I feel are critical to my portfolio. Some of the items in my portfolio include my cover letter, my resume of course, 2 letters of recommendation, my college transcripts, an executive summary, certificates validating specialized training that I have completed in the military career, and my military discharge.

I selected the cover letter for obvious reasons. I feel as if the cover letter is critical because it’s a good way to show a potential employer that you care about how your portfolio is being presented. The resume serves as the application for the job that I want. I feel that the letters of recommendation are a good way to give a potential employer the option to contact someone and ask him or her about my character and work ethic. The executive summary within my portfolio will serve as a brief summary of who I am as a person and what I could potentially bring to a company as an employee.

The additional items that I would add to my portfolio like my transcripts and discharge are merely documents to substantiate the things that I am saying about myself in my resume. Ultimately, the message that I would like to portray in my portfolio is that I am a hard worker, that I am an expert at any task that can be thrown at me, and that I am a man of integrity who will not take short cuts and gets the job done. Your thoughts?

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