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There are several types of resume style. Discuss at least three types and determine which you would find most beneficial to you in a job search.

For this week’s discussion, I have chosen to discuss Chronological Resume, Functional Resume, and Combination Resume. (Doyle, 2022) The most commonly used type of resume is the chronological resume. This resume focuses on the individual’s work history. In the chronological resume, you will list your work history in order of when you held each position. When listing positions that you have held, ensure that you place the most recent position at the top. By placing your most recent work at the top of the resume, recruiters or employers will be able to focus on your recent experience.

The Functional resume focuses on skills you have developed during your work experience. (Doyle, 2022) This resume will be useful to people that have experienced an occupational gap in their employment but have continued to improve upon their skills in the off-time. This resume will provide information about someone who has relevant skills in the industry but lacks job experience in the industry.

The Combination resume combines aspects of the chronological resume and the functional resume. (Indeed Editorial Team, 2021) The person will provide equal emphasis on their work history as well as the skills they possess. This resume allows for the individual to show the technical skills they have developed over the course of their employment and the chronological details of their work experience.

As a person that spent most of their adult life in the Army, I would most likely use the combination resume. I will be applying for a job as a middle school teacher, working in the STEM program. My technical experience in the Army, combined with my experience teaching in the classroom will provide me with a significant advantage over some applicants. The military experience will also show that I can control a classroom using leadership techniques. I have also spent a great deal of time in the classroom over the past 3 years. I have taken on two different vacant positions where I taught students for an entire semester. I was also selected to oversee troubled students that were required to be in the school during the Covid pandemic. The combination of my experience will help me in getting the job.


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Indeed Editorial Team. (2021, October 28). 5 resume types and when to use them (With examples). Indeed Career Guide.

The first type of resume style that I will discuss is the chronological resume. I have personally used this format for my resume in the past. I feel that this format is very helpful in painting a big picture of an individual’s experience, work history, qualifications, and more importantly, career progression. Through my research, I found that this resume is the most commonly used format out there, which I did not find very surprising (Doyle, 2020, para. 4). Because the chronological resume format is so common, it is typically the preferred format among employers (Doyle, 2020, para. 5). The next format I read about was the functional resume. The functional resume format focuses on an individual’s skills and achievements versus work history (Doyle, 2020, para. 6). In other words, this format focuses less on the amount of experience and more on an individual’s strengths and what they can bring to the table. The functional resume is recommended for individuals who have gaps in their work history, are changing career fields, or lack work experience (Doyle, 2020, para. 7). Finally, I read about the targeted resume format. The targeted resume, as the name suggests, is geared toward highlighting specific skills and experience that are relevant to the job an individual is applying for (Doyle, 2020, para. 14). This resume format can be time-consuming because it is written by an individual for each specific job they are applying for, but it is a good format to use to catch the employer’s attention (Doyle, 2020, para. 15). Personally, I prefer the chronological resume format because it shows “everything” to the employer and can be saved and added on to, so I feel it would be the most beneficial to me. However, I do see the value in all the resume formats I discussed depending on an individual’s circumstances.


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