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BUSN410 Week 4 Discussion

Please reflect back on the first three weeks. Identify something you have learned. How will you apply what you have learned to enhance your education and/or your career?

I cannot believe that it is already here. Memorial Day, what did you think I was going to say Jurassic Park Old Dominion? I keep having to remind myself that we are already halfway through the semester, which means I am almost graduated. Remember: next semester is my last semester.

Continuing on!!! So, you might be wondering why I said the above. Well, what if I told I was blonde? What if I told you I am as ditsy as ditsy can be? Would you make a false accusation of saying all blond-haired people are ditz and clumsy? Well, that could be a type of fallacy. This type of fallacy is Fallacy by division. In fact, throughout the third week, I tied a lot of what I learned and how to combat many types of fallacies in my ALS (Airman Leadership School). I cannot express how often this came up in a scenario in my ALS class about 'what if scenarios' about your airman that you are supervising. There can be many generalizations throughout the diversity in the Airforce. It was extremely helpful (I would not say learning) thinking of ways to help a long with the strategies that are expressed in week three. The Airforce is all about Credibility. Without credibility there may be no trust. In our ALS class we had to combat ' what happens if your happen betrays your trust and says she or he is going on an appointment and you cannot question it because they said medical, what would you do?" Someone in our class said they would tell another airman to go follow that airman. I mean see no evil speak no evil hear no evil!!!!!! I could not express that enough that we should not be seeking trouble. I really reverted to the clarity of that Airman's argument. We did hash out the details. But overall week three really was perfect timing!!!

One thing I learned in this class so far has been the ways in which you are manipulated in an argument. From my time on the debate team I know how to formulate an argument to sway someone but didn't realize that the manipulations have a name. I always thought that I was fairly good at finding the malarky in articles and I am naturally skeptical so I take everything with a grain of salt but after the paper this week where we fact checked the claims within the article I realized just how easily we are misled by our "news" people. Everyone has a bias and that makes writing articles naturally biased one way or another. Some people find a way to be fair within their articles and will do their research but in our society we have a clickbait type of genre where anyone can write anything they please and from their perspective it is accurate. I think this will help me in the future because it will make it easier to identify when someone is trying to sell me on an idea that isn't in my best interest. I think people who are naturally skeptical and assume everyone is out for their own interests tend to succeed in business more than people who run on blind faith that people wouldn't do that to them. I can understand wanting to believe the best in people but in business that isn't the case and knowing how to tell fact from fiction and not be gaslit is important.

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