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BUSN 499: Senior Seminar in Business Administration Week 2 Letters of Recommendation Assignment

Employers request potential new hires (as well as those who are being considered for promotion) to provide letters of recommendation from former employers and/or instructors. Consider who you would ask for a recommendation. Draft a letter that you can use to request a letter of recommendation. Your draft letter should be approximately 1 page in length and follow APA formatting. Additionally, provide the first names of 3 people you would choose and discuss what influenced your decision to choose these individuals. Your discussion and reflection on what influenced your decision to choose these individuals should be approximately 1 page in length and follow APA formatting.


Service man,

United States Army,

Greensboro, North Carolina,

Mr. Joseph Martin,

Vice- Chair Chief of Staff

United States Army.

Pentagon, United States of America.


Dear Mr. Martin,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am in the process of applying for a job at the Box Truck Company, a trucking firm in the United States, upon my retirement from the United States Army scheduled to take place on June 1st 2021. The purpose of writing this letter is to ask you whether you feel comfortable writing for me a letter of recommendation that can put in a good word for me and show to my potential bosses the capability I possess and the work I have done over the years.

In 2012,I thoroughly and immensely enjoyed my time working with you as a member of the 1st Cavalry division , which is situated at Fort Irwin in California. The experience gained was incredible. I appreciate the camaraderie, the friendship, the networks and the skills gained. Working with you was a once in a life time opportunity and I hope to always take with me all the skills I gained. You are the senior most officer I worked with. I believe that you can vouch for me because you understand the kind of capabilities and the value that can be transferred to other companies I may be willing to work for.

I really appreciate you taking time to consider this request. Accompanying this letter is my updated resume that can provide any other supporting information needed for the recommendation. The deadline for the submission of the letter is 20th June 2022. I have also attached the procedures needed for the submission of the letter.

In the event of any question seeking clarification on the above request, do not hesitate to call or contact me via email.

Yours faithfully,


Discussion of the Additional 3 names

The additional three names that are going to be on my recommendation radar include the senior most officers of the 1ST Cavalry, the United States military division where I have worked. The three are major Richard Richarlison, Senior Officer Jenifer Buccaneer and Colonel Reggie Happier.

The above people are some of the finest air operators, the military operators, the officers and the leaders of the army who have provided the necessary training, information and skills to us as the junior officers. As an applicant for a job, they are the first people to consider when looking for recommendations for a job because they were instrumental in the following activities: Conducting training activities for the army, providing military rigorous training and testing each member of staff to know their potential and to see where they have reached in their overall training activities. Their training made us as the members of the team, have the high capability of conducting military operations anywhere in the world (United States Army Public Affairs, n.d.). They also got us into the program known as the fall rotation and deployment program where the members of the team were given the opportunity to provide any vital leadership to the group. Therefore, they are among the first people to reveal to any potential hires whether I possess leadership capabilities.

They will provide the correct references and recommendations because I worked directly under them, they were in charge of conducting effective sessions of getting the best out of every officer. Reasons for selecting them is not because they will provide only the positive things about the officers, far from it, they will provide an accurate assessment of me as an officer of the military so that any recruiting officer can know or get the needed information so that they make the right decision.


United States Army Public Affairs. (n.d.). Army announces upcoming 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, unit deployment. Retrieved May 15, 2022, from

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