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BUSN 499: Senior Seminar in Business Administration Week 1 Cover Letter Assignment

Find a classified ad for a job position that you may be interested in or a job description for a potential position for a promotion. Prepare a cover letter and submit it to Assignment 1. You cover letter should be approximately 1 page in length, and follow APA formatting. Once reviewed by the Instructor, and you make corrections if needed, upload the file to your Portfolium account.


Service man,

United States Army,

Greensboro, North Carolina,

United States of America.

The Human Resources Manager,

Box Truck Deliveries Company Limited,

Minneapolis, Minnesota.

United States of America.


Following your advertisement in the local job website,, I hereby express my interest in the above position. My name is BD, a service man in the United States Army soon to retire in Month of June, 2022. I do possess a valid drivers’ license updated to be used for the current period. I have a high level ability to utilize the geo tagging and geo-location applications and technologies such as maps. My sound knowledge in road safety regulations is evidenced in the badges and the awards that I received while working in the army.

I have ten years’ experience driving all types of vehicles. My experience lies in the driving of military vehicles, the private cars, buses and trucks. During my deployment, as part of my service man duties, I got involved in delivering food substances to the refugees and other people who could not access the food supplies. I am versed in driving cars to some of the remotest destinations in the world therefore my experience will be of use in providing unique customer service to the company through the facilitation of the delivery of goods and services that are needed by the customers.

My effective communication skills will be handly during the stages of informing the customers where exactly their goods have reached during the transportation process. I have done time in the military, and I strong feel that it is time to take my career a notch higher by ensuring that I do serve in the community.

Attached to this Cover letter are my testimonials and other documents to show the kind of work I have done. Feel free to contact me via my phone number shown above.

Yours faithfully,


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