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BUS520 – Leadership and Organizational Behavior - COMPANY SELECTION AND SOURCES


BUS520 – Leadership and Organizational Behavior - COMPANY SELECTION AND SOURCES


Today GreenArava is one of Israel’s largest private farming companies. The company was established back in 2002 with a main of developing and producing modern agricultural products it develops sustainable agricultural businesses in developed areas and emerging economies, with particular expertise in transformation of semi-arid and arid regions.

The company is currently running 6 major projects namely al-gamar Jordan ,dem-f Ukraine, galana kulalu Kenya , GKFSP model farm ,kibut rozan- isreal.moshaf- zofar Israel. The company mainly operates as contractor to the above mentioned project, offering the following crucial services; designing and implementing the necessary mode of farming and irrigation suitable for the each project, Mechanized services including tillage, planting, spraying, cultivation, weeding and harvesting Supplying of agro-inputs including seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, basic tools and other supplies ,Post-harvest and marketing services ,Provides training programs in crop production, irrigation, fertilization, tillage and soil preparation, plant protection and post-harvest management etc. all these services enhance the efficient functionality of the projects.

However, GreenArava is faced with several organization issues that greatly hinder its efficient functioning in carrying out its businesses. The major challenge is hierarchical management major operational units namely machinery department, agronomy department, civil department and the agricultural engineering department. The above areas of project operations are faced with a major challenge of unprofessional employees. GreenArava mainly operates globally in arid and semi-arid areas where illiteracy levels are very high .therefore the company lacks skilled and experienced professionals to monitor different farming operations thus it ends up employing the locally available illiterate villages.

As a result, several departments operate in accurately such as improper and inappropriate application of fertilizers and farm chemicals, mishandling of farm machinery leading to breakdown of machines and inappropriate measure of final produce/yield which has greatly encouraged theft by top officials both in the company and down in the projects.

This has greatly affected the efficiency of operations resulting to huge loses, breakdown of expensive farm machinery, low yields per unit area and low quality yields.


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