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BUS505-Week3 Discussion 3

Analyze the elements of collecting market information and determine which would provide the most valuable information to a company seeking business with the federal government. Explain your rationale.

The elements of collecting marketing information include the following [ CITATION Osb11 \l 1033 ]:

Identifying your client's long-extend needs

Helping your client expressive program needs and sell a program

Becoming acquainted with your client's obtainment rehearses

Identifying future projects

Building and keeping up a long-run timetable of up and coming acquisitions

Identifying potential contenders and building contender profiles

Tapping wellsprings of contender data

Building a vital showcasing database

Of those components recognized above, I accept the ones that would most guide an organization looking for business with the national government are distinguishing your client's long-extend needs, recognizing potential contenders and building contender profiles, and building a key showcasing database. Every one of these components are future centered and in this manner furnish a hopeful organization with a strong premise of activity to feature how they would best fit and satisfy the government's operational need.

Review the eight types of information the author recommends go into a bid proposal library, as discussed in Osborne’s “Long Term Positioning,” and recommend at least one additional type of information that could / should be included. Provide your rationale.

• Copies of past recommendations

• Proposal database composed by subject

• Graphics database composed by subject

• Resumes for key staff

• Past and current execution database

• Lessons-learned database

• Competitor database

• Marketing data database (Osborne, 2011)

The extra data I prescribe adding to an offer proposition library is Technical data. Explicitly recognize the specialized abilities and restriction of your specific association. This furnishes an organization with an inside and out examination of their association so when deciding ability of satisfying an administration prerequisite; a rigid survey of their specialized determinations can be effectively contrasted with the national government's necessities so an increasingly exhaustive appraisal of the prerequisite can be made against the organization.

Review the various improper practices and conflicts discussed in Chapter 5, and make at least one recommendation for preventing them or stopping them before they become a significant issue. Explain your rationale.

One inappropriate practice distinguished was not having careful learning of any contenders. This absence of a learning for an organization could demonstrate to be their greatest destruction. How might any organization enough plan to protect their abilities without knowing the business? This absence of information would demonstrate promptly unfavorable to the long haul accomplishment of an association. Also, realizing contenders may give a chance to progress in item improvement and client recognizable proof. One thing an organization can do to give prompt information about their industry is see how their quick rivals are addressing client needs. In the event that those encompassing clients are effective, it might demonstrate judicious to survey their procedures for motivation.


Osborne, S. R. (2011). W"inning Government Business: Gaining the Competitive Advantage With Effective Proposals. Vienna, VA: Management Concepts.

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