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BMGT 364 -Project 3 Leading

Project 3: Leading


A leader should not only motivate his employees to reach high levels of productivity but should also lead from the front and show the ropes to the rest of the employees in the organization. An ideal company leader should provide company growth direction and product leadership (, n.d). A good leader must be on the frontline for product innovation and should differentiate his products in a way that will give the firm an edge over competitors. The products being introduced in the market should capture the needs of the customer segment.

Different candidates for managerial positions each have qualities that can assist the organization achieve its goals , however, the organization is required to select a manager whose skills aligns properly with the organizational culture and his experience is in tandem with what the firm needs to achieve (, n.d). As a lead consultant for Wonder Products Company limited, the company is in the process of introducing new products in the market and they have zeroed down on Nancy, Dane and Joe as the potential candidates for this position. This paper will evaluate the qualities of the three in line with the job requirements and the knowledge that they have and it will come up with a recommendation on the candidate who is likely to get the job.

Nancy Drew: Leadership Style Analysis, Management Skills and Leadership Skills

The management skill that she possesses is delegation. Nancy beliefs that other people can do a better job than her and as a manager she does not have to work on every activity. By delegating the experience and the skills of other people are enhanced and the organization is able to move forward in terms of profitability and new product generation ( The Balance, n.d). Nancy’s leadership style is a democratic one. Because she knows that her team requires the freedom to make some of the useful choices in product development and innovation, she does not force her ideas on the people she is currently leading. Every person under her care can make his own decisions hence can be more innovative. Her interpersonal skills ensured that she worked well with the suppliers in the agricultural industry when she was the regional manager in Idaho. Because she used her position to determine the products needed to be produced in the company, her management skill can also be said to be innovative. She is also a good communicator with the unique ability of making her team come up with innovative products.

Dane Evers: Leadership Style Analysis, Management Skills and Leadership Skills

Dane is a team oriented leader. His belief that the organization is like a family means that he believes that every person in the organization has a role to play in ensuring the success of the organization. He possesses awareness as a leader since he wants to be informed of the most decisions that come out of the organization. Dane states that he always likes to be informed in the day to day management of the business and he does this through getting sufficient information from all the business units in the organization (Clifford, n.d). Dane also comes around as a humble leader because he does not come around as a leader who likes to be known by titles but he is one who would like people to call each other by their names rather than their titles. As a manager, he successfully delegates the most important duties at Evers Vegetable foods because he believes that the goals of the organization can be met if the individual can work hard towards ensuring that he plays his part. If an individual contributes to the success of the organization, the organization will benefit as a whole ( The Balance, n.d).

Johnson: Leadership Style Analysis, Management Skills and Leadership Skills

The management skills that he possesses are that of fairness. John believes in giving everybody in the organization a chance to excel and be great and an opportunity for the people to express their confidence (Clifford, n.d). Because his former employees have attested that he is able to make the workers more committed and more assured in their abilities to create a sustainable business in the organization, Johnson appears to be a motivational leader who is able to get the best out of his employees.

As a manager, he is a muti-tasker, this has given him the ability to concentrate on the core abilities of the organization and also listen to all the suggestions of the workers in the organization (Clifford, n.d). He is a motivational leader since he has taken the time to adequately advise his workers on what needs to be done to make them even better employees in the organization. He is focused on improving the company to become a leader in the energy bars in the near future and he has outlined plans on how he is going to do that. This makes him a visionary leader (Clifford, n.d). He is a culture oriented leader; he would like to see the firm achieve success through motivating the employees to stick to the needed goals of the business, to focus on adhering to the values, the mission and the objectives of the organization (Clifford, n.d).

Candidate’s recommendation

According to each candidate’s profile, experience, leadership style and management skills that they have, the Number One Management Consultants recommends to Paula Stiles of Wonder Products that Nancy Drew is the best candidate to occupy the Senior Manager or the Senior Director Position in the Company (, n.d). She is the right fit since her length of experience is way higher than the experience of other candidates. She has also served in the same industry of food production, hence she knows the operational know how in the business. Even during the Interview process she manages to suggest on areas that Wonder Products need to focus (, n.d). Both Joe and Joe are rejected because they do not have that good grasp of knowledge of the Industry and their experience levels is insufficient in guiding the organization to become a market leader and a one firm which have the biggest market share in the industry.


Innovativeness, a clear strategy and possession of marketing skills are ideal strategies that will make the business achieve goals and business growth. The organization needs an individual who possesses both these skills and the person should possess the relevant industrial experience that will make him the ideal candidate (, n.d). This paper has tackled the needed skills, experience, management and leadership styles of the three candidates and it has selected Nancy to be the ideal candidat


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