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BHR 4680 Unit_IV_Assignment

Match the term to the definition. Not all terms will be used. o Question Correct Match Selected Match The place where training is conducted F. Training site F. Training site The organization and coordination of a training program G. Program design G. Program design An organized program of study designed to meet a complex learning objective B. Curriculum B. Curriculum Covers more specific learning objectives and addresses a more limited number of competencies or skills H. Course or program H. Course or program The translation of the content and sequence of training activities into a guide used by the trainer to help deliver training D. Detailed lesson plan D. Detailed lesson plan Measures that a company and its trainer use to evaluate J. J.

training programs Training outcomes Training outcomes The process of collecting the outcomes needed to determine whether training has been effective I. Training evaluation I. Training evaluation Evaluation conducted to improve the training process; usually conducted during program design and development C. Formative evaluation C. Formative evaluation Evaluation of the extent that trainees have changed as a result of participating in the training program E. Summative evaluation E. Summative evaluation An evaluation design in which both pre-training and post- training outcome measures arecollected A. Pre-test/post- test A. Pre-test/post- test o Question 2 36 out of40 points What should beconsidered when evaluating a training room? Your response should be at least 75 words inlength. Selected Answer: Concepts to beconsidered for evaluation a training room, first, would be audience andits personalities and most importantly size. You have to select aroom purely onits size tobe able toaccommodate your audience. The personalities involved would motivate your intentions of how you areactually going touse the room and anything inside of it. Things such asvisual aids through the use oftechnology (tv, laptops, tablets) will have a drastic effect on the options needed to select the room. The third concept is what the topic tobe taught actually is.

Questions that one should ask themselves is, what will happen if we spend all day in a room teaching this topic, is it dry/boring? This will lead to what the instructor will need to make use of in the room as well.

Correct [None] Answer:


Feedback Well stated, Student. Each of these aspects is very important to that

: training environment. Be sure to cite the textbook as it's the basis for your answers.

Question 3

36 out of 40 points

What are the parts of the evaluation process?

Your response should be at least 75 words in length.


Answer: The parts of the evaluation process are as follows, first, a needs analysis needs to be conducted to identify what training, if any, is needed and how much of that training is required. The second step once this training is identified is to set up realistic or measurable objectives to build a training plan. The third hill (now we are at the middle of the mountain) is to develop outcome measures, which after the training has been conducted, it will see how effective or ineffective the training was. After a careful analysis to determine the measures, an evaluation strategy has to be implemented to get feedback on the weak points of the training and suggestions/ideas on how to make the training better. Compliments on good training and notes/suggestions for the bad. Planning and executing the evaluation will finish the circle, to implement a plan of action and milestones which document the past failures and sets a public guideline for the agency that the training team is actively trying to improve the training they receive.

BHR 4680 Unit_IV_Assignment
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