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BGMT 339 Introduction to Federal Contracting Week 2 learning activities

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Learning Activity #1

Choose one of the seven (7) steps within the Performance-Based Acquisition process. Describe that process and how it impacts and supports the outcome of the procurement.

Learning Activity #2

FAR Part 6 provides seven (7) exemptions to full and open competition. Name the seven (7) exemptions, provide a description of the exemption, and discuss your view on whether exemptions to full and open competition should be allowed when using taxpayer dollars to procure supplies and services for the federal government.

Learning Activity #1

After reviewing the eight steps to Performance-based Acquisitions, the 1st step establishing the team is the most important because it builds the foundation for success.

Within the 1st step, team members are established, roles are assigned,

Also, during this phase, the management role is to encourage, motivate, and communicate what is expected of the team.

Rules of conduct are set- if anyone is in disagreement, it is addressed within the set rules of conduct.

To continue, in the 1st step, objectives and goals should be set, which can be tied into incentives that motivate the team to have a good outcome. The first step of establishing the team overall allows for good team-building, which can increase overall performance.

Learning Activity #2

  1. Only one responsible source and no other supplies or services will satisfy agency requirements. -when no other type of supplies or services will satisfy agency requirements.

  2. Unusual and compelling urgency. - -a rear circumstance that needs to be addressed immediately

  3. International agreement- when located in a sovereign territory or another country, an agreement is already in place.

  4. Authorized or required by statute - when mandated or required by law

  5. National security. - when information needed would compromise the national security

  6. Public interest. - when the agency head determines that it is not in the public interest

  7. Industrial mobilization; engineering, developmental, or research capability; or expert services- national emergency and need to maintain appropriately balanced sources of supply.

With the seven exemptions listed above, it appears that some type of urgency or unique service is in place and would not be able to go through the normal process of obtaining and awarding a contract. However, the public should be made aware of what is going on.


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