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BGMT 339 Introduction to Federal Contracting Final Project Phase 2 Meaningful Outline

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Phase 2 (5%):

  • Outline with brief comments (that describe what each section will contain) for final paper.

  • Title page with your name, the course name, title of paper, the date, and instructor’s name.

  • Include reference page with at least two references you plan to use in your final paper.

  • Submit the outline in the Assignment Folder.

BGMT 339 Introduction to Federal Contracting Final Project Phase 2 Meaningful Outline

BGMT 339: Introduction to Federal Contracting

Contractor qualifications

I. Introduction

A. Overview of who a contractor is and why re they important in the acquisition process

B. It will also include what to consider while seeking contractors that are the standards, policies, methods, applicability, and process that are to be considered during the process.

C. It will also talk about different forms of contractors that might be considered when seeking to be a contractor.

1. As a pool

2. As a person

3. As a company

II. Applicability

A. This is concerned with location

1. The prospective contractors in the USA or within its locality

2. The people elsewhere unless it's inconsistent with the laws and customs of the location of the contractor.

B. It does not apply to proposed contracts with

1. Foreign, State or Local governments

2. Agencies or disabled people

3. Or other US agencies

III. Policies when seeking contractors

A. It highlights from who the purchases will be made on to whom the contract shall be awarded.

B. Seeks to fully understand and prove the responsibility of the prospective contractor before the contract is awarded.

C. Concerns on additional administrative costs that should be keenly proven as not a problem by the contractor through their proof of responsibility and that of their subcontractor's especially when the lowest price was the determinant to contract award.

IV. Procedure to determine a contractor

A. This refers to the process through which the prospective contractors are vetted to determine whether or not they qualify for the contract.

B. It includes all the factors that must be sorted for while looking for the prospective contractor to be awarded the contract in question.

V. Standards of a contractor and their application

A. General standards

1. These refer to the common standards that all contractors no matter their contract type, length, or which product or service they are providing must adhere to before they are qualified to be awarded the contract.

B. Special standards

1. These are the further standards that applied differently to contractors based on the type, length, or need they are serving to fulfill and are varied depending on the contractor and their purpose or urgency.

VI. Determination and documentation

A. Determination

1. Factors that will be able to determine whether the contractor qualifies for the contract at hand and thus makes them be awarded.

2. Factors that will make the prospective contractor lose the contract at hand.

B. Documentation

1. This is the provision of proof on the responsibility and nonresponsibility of the contractor in support of the survey reports done to determine their qualification for the contract.

VII. Conclusion

A. Being a government contractor is not an easier task but something that one has to be careful and prepared for before they even bid for the award.

B. The contracting officers have a great responsibility of following the right procedure to vet everyone prospective contractor to determine who qualifies for the specific contract in question.

C. All the standards, policies, and applicability factors have to be keenly considered to find a qualified contractor.

D. Determination and documentation are what prove whether a contractor is qualified for the contract or not hence it helps us understand the qualifications one has to fulfill to be a government contractor.


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