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Best Business Negotiations Skills

Unit IV Journal

In the process of negotiating with the Russian Counterparts, you cannot go with the same process as you would when you are negotiating with people from the United States of America. Americans are always in a hurry. As a result, you ought to be more sensitive to time. Even though they are in a hurry, it is possible to strike informal meetings with the Americans than Russians. Among Americans, the decision-making process is through the bottom-up approach(Louneva, 2010). As a result, Americans will not be intimidated by your title or the big man syndrome. American businesspeople are intelligent. They sometimes put away their emotions, focusing on the facts of the case (Louneva, 2010). However, one advantage of negotiating with Americans is that it is easy to establish trust. In Russia, you would have to work extremely harder in negotiations because the Russians do not trust that easily. They love holding their end of the bargain. Russians display soft power, and their interests often come first before the interests of other people. However, due to what is now known as the low sensitivity to time, a negotiator may still work his way and establish trust with his Russian counterparts because they take time in their negotiations (Louneva, 2010).


Louneva, T. (2010). Business Negotiations Between Americans and Russians. Retrieved from website:

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