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BA470-Value Chain Management- Evolution of Operations

Chapter 1 describes the evolution of operations from craft production to mass production to lean production, as modeled after the Toyota Production System (TPS). Using resources in addition to the textbook and those provided in this class, please investigate examples of other organizations that are attempting to adopt lean production. In particular, address "who" is adopting lean, "why" are they adopting lean, and "what" has been the result.

Do not choose Nike and do not choose John Deere.

Lean Production in Companies

Lean production is regarded as a methodology for production that mostly focusses on waste elimination, where waste is regarded as anything without the ability of adding value to the end customer. Various organizations are increasingly adopting lean production within their processes. For instance, Kimberly-Clark Corporation has adopted lean production by recently outsourcing logistics at its Barton Milk plant in the UK to Unipart, which is the leading Lean thinkers (UFUTURE, 2018). Prior to this, staff at the UK plant were experiencing overtime and long shifts, as well as absenteeism. Therefore, adopting lean production resulted in Kimberley-Clark in spending mostly on enhanced staff development and engagement, implying that the organization managed to eliminate staff absenteeism.

Caterpillar Inc. is also an example of an organization that has adopted lean manufacturing. As a machinery manufacturer within the US, the Caterpillar Production System is primarily modelled after the Toyota Production System elements. A key driver for using lean production by this organization is pace which has been recognized as a crucial aspect of Lean integration (UFUTURE, 2018). The implementation of Lean production has resulted in faster completion of projects within the stipulated budget.

Being among the largest organizations globally in motion control technologies, Parker Hannifin has adopted the use of Lean manufacturing as a way of improving its production processes. Since the year 2000, this Company has employed lean production by implementing the best practice programs within the quality, customer service, productivity, as well as cost reduction (UFUTURE, 2018). This has allowed in dramatically reducing human intervention while also speeding up the process of supply chain.


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