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BA340_D2 Strategic Thinking and Innovation- Week 6: Discussion 2: Would You Invest in These Start-U

Watch another episode of StartUp USA. (Links to an external site.)

Would you invest in either of the two companies featured in the video? Why or why not? After watching several episodes of this show, what are the key ingredients to a successful start-up?


"Sales of organic food have grown by 20 percent annually" ( I believe the market for all organic products is a massive one that will continue to grow as people look more into what they eat or put near their bodies. That being said, I would invest in EcoLips. I feel like the lip balm industry can grow exponentially through their product. Personally, I only use organic lip balms because I find the texture and effects so much more desirable than those of big brands such as Carmex or Chapstick. I also like the company's attempts to deviate from waste by remelting wax products or eco-friendly packaging. Investing in different ingredients that differentiate them from competition is also something that I could support. They can explore the different benefits of different ingredients and I believe that this may open up the company to different markets.


I love Selena's motto people, profit, planet. I feel like a lot of modern infrastructure doesn't focus on people or the planet when developing new roads or spaces. I would invest in Sarcor. I think that Selena's idea has so much potential as she is willing to work on a wide range of projects but still directs them in a way that benefits all that it affects. I also like that she has found her way to success in a male-dominated field. It just goes to show you that the need for diversity in the engineering field is highly important and can result in a product that changes the way we build and grow. I also think that Selena's background in engineering, business, and public works is something that is highly sought after. It is clear that her experience is extensive and she takes pride in what she does, and I believe that something like that should be invested in.

Key Ingredients

I think it is funny how in the first few weeks we discussed the myth of the lightbulb moment, but when a lot of innovators discuss their idea, it sounds much like a lightbulb moment. "It just sort of happened really fast" -Steve Shriver. But then they go on to discuss their idea and experience and it sounds nothing like a lightbulb moment, you get to hear all the ideas that led to their current success. Also, if you have $5000, you can start any idea.

-S. Faber. Demand for Organic Food Growing Faster than Domestic Supply:

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