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BA340_D2 Strategic Thinking and Innovation- Week 4: Discussion 3: Strategic Leadership and You

Chapter 2 of your textbook, which was assigned in Week 3, identifies the four types of strategic leadership. What type of leader are YOU? Why? Give specific examples to back up your self-analysis.

I am a collaborative leader type. Collaborative leaders "seek out and thrive in teams, which seems to unleash a certain creative energy in themselves and in those with whom they work" (Olson, 2015). I am the type to believe that I have good ideas, but, I also understand that those around me have good ideas, if not better. I believe that all strong teams have the ability to work with one another and use aspects of some ideas with others to create a plan that is most effective. There is a reason workplaces encourage diversity, it is to get a number of different strategies from a number of different backgrounds. "Listening had two distinct purposes: it was another way for the leader to establish and build relationships, and it provided them with more insight into the priorities and mindset of their fellow leaders" (Olson, 2015).

Power or leadership is not something suited for everyone, but, it is also not something that should be held exclusive to one person. I think that collective goals are extremely important to the body of a workforce, however, I think that personal goals are equally as important and something that should be encouraged from leadership. Giving someone the ability to lead their own goals gives them creative freedom and methods that may not have been previously used through company strategy. "Collaboration leads the list of organizational priorities for many CEOs today" (Olson, 2015).

As a leader, collaboration should be seen as a means of connecting with employees, it is a level of trust and unique thought process that alters from company standard. To be effective, it must combine individual goals with corporate goals. "Collaborative leaders can thus bring a lot of value to business functions... led by an individual who understands the unique challenges of working with others to get things done" (Olson, 2015). I have worked in team settings my whole life. My experience as a team member, as well as a team leader, has helped me realize creating an efficient team drastically changes working results. The business model does not fit every person, so as a leader, it is important to alter the model to fit your people.


Olson, Aaron K., and B. Keith Simerson. Leading with Strategic Thinking: Four Ways Effective Leaders Gain Insight, Drive Change, and Get Results, John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, 2015. ProQuest Ebook Central

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