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Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder Assignment

Attention Deficit Hyper Sensitivity Disorder (ADHD) affects the brain in various ways. It is common scientific knowledge that the brain is the allocator, controller and the key regulator of all the activities which fall into psychological brain activities category. The brain organizes certain activities in order to promote high functioning of the individual. When an individual is diagnosed with ADHD certain things are bound to happen in relation to the brain.

Brain structures

The front cortical area and the base ganglia structures of the brain are severely affected. For efficient performance of duties and activity coordination of remembering among other brain tasks, the body should have enough neurotransmitters to facilitate this transfer, however with ADHD person, the levels of the neuro transmitters in the body are very low hence there is very little transmission of stimuli to the required areas so that transmission is not only defective but the people who are diagnosed with the condition are not able to conduct their activities normally (Harpin, n.d)

Bio psychological factors

The following biological and psychological issues can have a deep impact especially how this condition persists and was actually obtained. They influence a lot on learning perception (Kings College London, 2016)

· Possibility of a lower than normal birth weight when you were child

· Potential exposure to tobacco

· Suppression of various genes in the body which are responsible for high brain functioning capabilities

· Growing up in areas which were dominated by manufacturing activities which utilized lead as one of the primary components.

· Poor primary metabolism of the fatty acids of the body.

· Stigmatisation, lack of support and poor interaction between the child and the parents are factors which not only make the condition worse but these factors also affect the self confidence of the affected child( Kings College London, 2016)

For a child who is suffering from this condition, the brain takes a longer time in perceiving information that is directed towards it for storage purposes and retrieval at later stages of the development of the child. Due to these delays in the information perception, the ADHD sufferer will often be left behind as their peers socially advance learning and cognitive processes. Information from the outside is normally not perceived in the normal way, any little negative information can lead to the brain developing and relaying feelings of aggression, impulsiveness.

The brain does not encourage a lot of calmness during the process of providing and looking for some solutions in times of a moral crisis. Since the person takes a lot of time to perceive some useful class information, there is a high likelihood that academic failure will be experienced in the class.

Conclusions and Recommendations for further treatment

For you to be able to perform better, an attitude change is important. You must know that it is not your fault nor it is it your wish that you have been diagnosed with this condition (Keath, 2019)it is a genetic condition and like many other conditions, people get sick of them all the time and all we have to do is find treatment for them. I will talk to your parents and sensitize them on the issue (Keath, 2019)However kindly do the following:

· Increase the number of routine activities which you normally perform.

· Take more time while reading and doing some practical assgnments

· Get enrolled with the school counseling department so that you can get the required psychological support.

· Please stop feeling sorry about yourself and have a positive mindset towards life and academics in general.

· Use the school insurance policy provided to you to access the stimulant treatment which will actually boost the level of neuro-transmitters in your body. With time the condition will fade away


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