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ASTR 101- Solar System Astronomy- Module 5: Discussion #4 - Spinoffs

Did you know that we use NASA-developed technology in our lives all the time?

NASA has a collection of around 2,000 "spinoffs" - technology or products that were originally developed by NASA but are now used in many other industries such as agriculture, transportation, and medicine.

Some of the most famous spinoffs include memory foam, freeze-dried food, LASIK, and invisible braces.

· Choose one example from the NASA spinoff site: You can either search for something specific or click on "Features Archive" to see the whole list.

· Provide a short summary of what the technology was originally used for, and how it is being used today.

· Include the link to the example you picked.

Brain Training Technology,

The training technology was used by the NASA pilot to help them pay attention. Before pilot activities was done with automated programs which made scientist be concerned that they might lose their focus and cause problems. This made them come up with a way of helping them remain focused and attentive through the use of the brain training technology. A scientist who was working at the NASA Pilot training center came up with a way to help translate the brainwaves output to characterize the attention level of the pilots. This was done by engagement index which was developed to measure the frequency of the waves through combination of the power of theta and beta. This was tested on some pilots and later their frequency improved showing the technology was worth it.

Currently glasses have been developed using this technology and are being used by many people including students. Athletes and musicians are also using the same technology. A pair of glasses has been developed by Narbis to help the users measure their brainwaves and tell them how well they are paying attention. They alert the user on distraction by going dark but this does not affect the activities of the user. Students can use it while studying or doing homework to help them concentrate.


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