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Assignment 2# Union Representation in an Organization

Union Representation in an Organization







I would like to bring your attention to the following:

Differences in operating in a unionized environment versus a non-unionized environment

From the perspective of the organization, when you are operating in a unionized environment you have to accord the employees more benefits and compensation because these workers have someone that can defend them than when you are operating in an environment that is not unionized (Seidel, 2019). When you are in an environment that is not unionized, you can just pay the employees average benefits because all their employees’ conflict resolution measures are internal, within the control of the organization. In a unionized, you would not allow the line managers or the supervisors to be part of the union because these groups of people represent the interests of the organization and carry out the directives of the employees of providing sound leadership in the organization (Seidel, 2019).

Having the presence of unions in an organization means that when you set the salaries of the workers, you have to do so through consultation but in the absence of a union, you do not have to consult any person. In a unionized environment, you set the retirement plans and compensation packages with the consultation of the union representatives but in the absence of a union, you determine what your workers will earn while you leave the workforce (Seidel, 2019). When some workers are members of a union, you have to be careful about the revelation of the confidential matters in the organization or the secrets which are not meant for the eyes of the outsiders in the organization. However, the risk of trade secrets leakage in a non-unionized environment is not so great (Seidel, 2019). Within the unions, the workers also determine the working conditions especially the time of reporting to work and time of arrival while without them the organization determines everything.

Rights of the Union

Union members have a right to organize a strike, they also have a right to picket or demonstrate when there is something that they are not happy about in the organization. Members of the union are also allowed to be on the frontline in organizing and registering the members of a union so long as they adhere to the conditions or the rules of the law (Seidel, 2019). Union members have a right to fully enjoy a safe and enjoyable working environment and finally, they should fully enjoy union representation in employee investigations.

Rights of the management

The management has a right to the following activities: coming up with the goals, the vision, the plans, the objectives and the goals that the organization should follow to help it achieve its goals. A right to dominate and exercise the control of the organization, for instance, the management decides the business areas to focus on in the organization and what should be done daily to ensure that the organization achieves its goals and objectives. The management reserves the right to organize the work structure of the employees in such a way as assigning the duties to the employees. Hiring and firing of the employees is an exclusive right of the management and this is perhaps the reason why some members of the organization are referred to as employers because they fully participate in the advertising, interview conduction and the overall selection of the employees to be part of the organization.

Rights of the employees

Employees are people who have been hired to render their service to the organization and ensure that the company is experiencing growth. Some of their rights include a right to fair compensation that is commensurate with the work output that they put in. Employees have a right not to be discriminated against or harassed based on their skin creed or color (, 2020). Employees have a right to working in humane working environments that gives them the right environment for them to excel. Humane working environments are those environments that are safe and free from any contaminants or toxic substances. Employees, especially the ones actively seeking jobs, have a right to fairness and consideration and they should not be denied job opportunities based on the existing socio-economic conditions such as race, age, skin color, and background.

Impact of the Union on the Human Resource Functions

The union plays a critical role in giving the workers more voice in work restructuring of the employees workforce (Sarah, 2019). Because these workers are members of a union, the employment restructuring does not occur on a dictatorial front but the voice of the workers must be present and this work restructuring must ensure that it is happening with all fairness and with the interests of the workers in mind (Sarah, 2019).

Unionized workforce have greater stability and increased motivation to work because they are performing in an environment where their voice is heard, they are adequately compensated and the working environment is not that bad. However, when it comes to managing the performance of the workers, there is increased negotiation between the employer and the employee and the worker has a more leeway to participate in the setting of the goals that are going to affect his overall performance (Brown & Warren, 2017). During performance management, however, in a unionized environment, the employers do not have absolute powers in deciding what the best is for the employee and these workers can demand more as compensation for the work they have done.

In a unionized environment, you cannot just discipline an employee anyhow; the discipline of the employee should follow certain procedures like meeting in a disciplinary committee, etc (Mistry, 2016). The discipline itself should be for a cause that is completely justified and it should endeavor to correct behavior rather than just punish. Workers in the union also enjoy greater job security because they have representatives to defend them from the arbitrary firing or termination of employment (Mistry, 2016). Health, safety, salaries, and benefits of the workers who operate in an unionized environment is better than when there are no unions. The human resource of the organization must endeavor to provide competitive wages and benefits and a good working environment to these workers because they are protected by the unions and the situation could lead to picketing and demonstrations if these conditions are not met. Because of all this, the organization will incur greater salaries and labor costs (Mistry, 2016).

Thank for taking your time to go through this


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