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Assignment 1: Army Operations- Definition of Unified Land Operations

Assignment 1: Army Operations- Definition of Unified Land Operations

The definition of unified land operations is concerned with the description of the joint efforts between the United States Navy and the United States Army. These two military organizations are interdependent (Department of the Army, 2019). In the joint operations, the Air force acts as a provider of the lift to the United States Army to ensure that they move with speed and with ease along their Lines of Control. Land capabilities can only be taken advantage of if the two groups operate on joint synergy and form a spirited front by ensuring that each military organization can also benefit from the resources and the capabilities of one. Within the Unified Land Operations, the operations are in the context of taking advantage of the land resources and the human resources (Department of the Army, 2019). What can be achieved through the Unified Land Operations is immense. For instance, there could be a carrying out of a simultaneous offense mechanism. Besides this, there is the ability the consolidate the gains made and making the country proud through winning the conflicts.

Identification of the Principles of Sustainment

The cardinal role of sustainment especially in army operations is to ensure that the operations have the resources, the required level of supplies, and sustenance that can last till the operation has been completed (Department of the Army, 2019). The principles of Sustainment cover the categories of sustainment of the army personnel. Army personnel is sustained through the provision of logistical support, health services and function, personnel services, and the incorporation of financial management services. Some of these principles are identified as follows: The principle of providing integration of all the sustainment efforts, anticipation which is the skill that is applied in forecasting the requirements of the military personnel that will happen in the future. Other principles include the ability to adequately respond to the needs especially the changing military personnel needs, the survivability principle, simplicity of the communication of the needs to the respective authorities, continuity, and improvisation principle. The improvisation principle is applied to aid the adaptability of the military personnel in different military capabilities and capacities.

Role of the Property Accounting Technicians

Their role of acquisition of the standard and the not so-called standard equipment is critical to the lengthening of the combat operations because the properly acquired equipment can be applied for a long time without fail. Their other roles include working together with other agencies to ensure that fraud is prevented, once fraud is prevented, there are a lot of funds that could be saved. Because of their training in forensic and investigative accounting, they have a keen eye for knowing whether there exist some areas in the budgeting where funds seem to be leaking out (United States National Guard, 2021). These funds may not only support the small scale military operations but also large scale ones. Monitoring and evaluation is also the role of these officers. Through the evaluation, the military personnel know that there is a third eye watching and hence they will not attempt any funny business, they will also be a complaint of the set rules. Compliance with policy ensures the organization to move with speed and build better relationships with other government agencies because these people are playing by the rules. They are not committing illegality. These accounting officers can also make use of their connections and network to carry out the required coordination activities so that funds can be availed to the team on time without delay. Operations benefit from a large and faster arrival of supplies that is not subject to excessive bureaucracy. Property accounting and high-level decisions are taken by this officer and this accountability measure can trickle down to the rest of the officers through training in transparency and the relevant supply matters (United States National Guard, 2021).


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