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ARTH 110 ART APPRECIATION- Module 5: Something I would like to Experience

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Prehistory and Ancient Mediterranean

An Ancient Greek Art

This art represents an ancient culture. The art has been idealized to represent human body where nude males are focused on innovations. Significant innovations in the painting have been highlighted through the vessels stylistic development.

Art of the Middle Ages

The Virgin, Child with saints and other Allegorical Figures, 1320.

This painting represents the Virgin Mary with Christ as an infant. Christ is interacting with saints. This feature is added for the purposes of humanizing the divine purpose.

Art of India

The Indian Heritage Art

This art represents a new type of Hindu culture. The artwork is aimed at uniting the various aspects of Hindu community.

Art of the Americas

Thomas Foundation, @thomasfoundation, “Nursing Madonna,” mid19th century.

The art depicts virgin Mary and the Christ Child. The dressing code of the painting reflects the Andean surroundings. The mother of Christ has been dressed in garments which are similar Aymara women of the time. The infant Christ is wrapped in a shall recalling Andean weaving.

Art of Africa and the Pacific Islands

South Pacific Island Art, Mike Hoffman,2020.

This is an amazing art which has been perfectly crafted. The Art details beautiful colors, drama, as well as action. The art represents some of the most beautiful arts in the pacific.

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