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ARTH 110 ART APPRECIATION Module 4: Powerpoint Project

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

ARTH 110 ART APPRECIATION Module 4: Powerpoint Project

Module 4: A Time I Felt Happy

Craft: ceramics

Daily Contemporary Art

@daily_contemporary_art, Ceramics 2020 This piece, “Lilies from a lover,” reflects the beauty of a woman represented by flowers and nature in a vessel. The contemporary ceramic forms a great “vessel” of the society, which is the woman.

Visual Communication Design

Daily Contemporary Art, @daily_contemporary_art, danhollings, 2020

This piece of art shows a grown up boy. The art work can be used to depict the words, “big boys do not cry.”


MoMA The Museum of Modern Art, @themuseumofmodernart, Dotothea Lange, 1953. Gelatin silver print This photograph represents a beautiful expression of a young boy who is perfectly and comfortably sitting on top of a horse. The boy has no fear of falling down. The picture depicts a beautiful childhood experience.


Netflix Film, @Netflix Film, Extraction, 2020, Directed by Sam Hargrave The pictures represents a scared young person who is being protected from an enemy by a soldier. The movie director uses the genre of action to talk about the issue of terrorism in the society. A great artwork has been used to highlight violence in our society.


Vincent Fink, @vincentfink, vincentflick, 2020.

The picture represents papers which are coming off acrylic glass panels. The artwork is awaiting final decorations for installation. The art seem to involve a lot of work. It looks fun to undertake this task and see its competition.

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