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ARTH 110 ART APPRECIATION- Module 4 Discussion

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Gerardo Monterrubio (Links to an external site.) Jono Pandolfi (Links to an external site.)

These two people are utilizing the same medium and same technique. One is viewed on table tops as the substrate for food, The other is viewed in galleries and museums. What is the difference? Is one better than the other? What is the difference between Art and Craft? Is this difference important or subjective?

On the second video with Jono Pandolfi, I learned that he and his crew can use a special clay prep to create a bunch of plates and cups for the people can have their food with. They can run their clay through something that's called a pugmill which it'll de-airs it. I also learn that certain types of rock under certain conditions of pressure, moisture, and heat, they decompose and clay is formed like tiny, flt little particles, which will give them their plasticity which they'll stick together with water is something that humans have used for thousands of years, doing what their doing.

On the first video with Gerardo Monterrubio, I learned that there's a special connection between works of art through different times and they can come from the same source. his work came out of with a question of what is he bringing to the table exactly from 10,000 years of ceramic history. He also show me some of his work as a child. He can make his work with clay with some hand molding power or trace them with a moving wheel. Sometimes he can fight with his work by smashing the clay into perfection with a goal of keeping it alive. After that, he can start painting with some interesting colors and shapes around it to show some details about his life.

I got to say that the second video is much better than the first video, it's impressive that they can make plates and other kitchen things with clay. It's both awesome and fun to create.

Art is described as an unstructured and open-ended form of work; that expresses emotions, feelings, and vision. Craft denotes a form of work, involving the creation of physical objects, by the use of hands and brain. Art relies on artistic merit whereas craft is based on learned skills and technique.

I think that the difference between them are very important, there are so many secrets that I'm just want to try out and I want to create one for myself or one for my family to show what I can do.

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