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Arth 102 paper 1 Kiss of Judas

Arth 102 paper 1 Kiss of Judas

Kiss of Judas

(Giotto, 1304-1306).

The paint Kiss of Judas was created by a painter named Giotto di Bondone on the South wall of Scrovegni (Arena) Chapel in 1270-1337. The painting is also called the Arrest of Christ. The painting was 2 by 1.85 m. It was seen as the greatest piece of a religious art since his art captured Italian Renaissance. The painting describes the religious belief of the things that transpired during the life of Jesus Christ and what happened before His death. The paper, therefore, will analyze the events that happened before and on the night of the event (Giotto, 1304-1306).

Christians especially the church in Italy, believed that Jesus was sent from Heaven to come and save humankind on earth. When He came, He needed people to help Him deliver and complete His mission as sent by His Father to Heaven. Among the people chosen was Judas Iscariot. They were called disciples, and they were with Him throughout His entire stay on earth and miracle-working. However, the religious leaders were not happy with the work of Jesus, and thus they plotted to have Him arrested and killed. He was aware of the arrest and His death thus He chose to have last moments with His disciples (Pagels, Elaine, King and Karen, pg 3-4).

Before His arrest, Jesus had a meal with His disciples which is called the Last Supper according to the Christian Religious and Biblical teachings. At this moment, all the disciples were at the table with Him. He washed their feet as a sign of His servanthood to the people and urged them to be servants. He also shared a cup of wine with them quoting to them, “This is the cup of my blood that will be shed tonight so that the sins of man are forgiven.” He divided it among them and told them,” do this in my remembrance.” He also divided bread among them and gave to them saying, “This is my body that will suffer tonight for the sins of men.” He gave them to share and told them to do it in His remembrance. He also told the disciples that one of them would betray Him, something that all of them denied. As stated in the Bible, it is believed that as the disciples and Jesus were at the table, Judas left them and went outside.

After Jesus finished the meal, it is believed He left to pray on a mountain called Gethsemane. This is believed to be a point where the scenario happened. It is where Judas Iscariot came with the soldiers to arrest Him. It is believed that Judas informed the soldiers that the man he would greet by a kiss was the man they were looking for. From the Biblical writings, it is stated that Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 cents. The painting shows happened after Judas, and the soldiers approached Jesus from where He was with other few of His disciples. It is at this moment that Jesus words about one of the disciples betraying Him came to pass. The painting reveals all the events for the moment (Pagels, Elaine, King and Karen, pg 3-4).

From the painting, we see images of people with sticks of light in their hands. These figures are believed to be the soldiers who came with Judas to arrest Jesus. We see them carrying the light sticks which tells as the event happened in the night. We also see a figure that represents to be Jesus being embraced by a figure in yellow clothing that represents Judas. The other disciples are represented by yellow carvings above their heads as it is on the head of Jesus. When we look at the painting, we also see some form of commotion being indicated by the posture of the figures in the image indicating that there was a struggle between the soldiers and disciples who were there. The Bible states that one of the disciples called Peter chopped off an ear of one of the soldiers.

In my opinion, I believe that this painting is one in a kind. It is true as it had been seen that it showed the Italian Renaissance. The painting has brought out the happening of events as stated in the Bible. When one looks at the painting, we see the clear difference between the characters that were involved. We can see who Jesus is, Judas, the other disciples and the soldiers and also tell the time of the event. The painting materials I believe were good as they have helped in bringing out the painting so clear and differentiate between the characters.

In conclusion, I believe the painter was skilled and had enough knowledge about the piece of work that he did. He also clearly brought out the events as stated in the reference book which is the Bible used by Christians in support of their faith and belief. I, therefore, think the painting is good and very skillful about religious events and renaissance.


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