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Anotated_bibliography_Best Diet For Health and Fitness- Best Diet For Health and Fitness

Best Diet For Health and Fitness

Research Question: What diet trends are used to improve health and fitness and which diets are the best for overall health and fitness?

Bouchez, C. (2013). Diet and Fitness Trends What the future holds for our eating and exercise habits. Retrieved from:

The author stated that alot of the traditional diet trends were fading away such as: low carb diets, high aerobic exercise (ie jogging) and spending money on expensive home equipment. The author also states that the trend as far as diets go are getting back to the basis, incoorporating more whole foods and less highly processed foods. A trend forecaster by the name of Gerald Celente predicted that there was going to be a turn from a strictly weight loss plan. The transition to more of a whole health eating approach to live a healthier lifestyle that will not only give you a healthy body, but a healthy mind, and spirit. The author talks about getting back to the basic work outs, and being able to be more functional on movements. A former navy seal stated that, there is about to be a wave of quote on quote “Functional Fitness” which is more so of being able to perform every day tasks more effectivley, and not so much of being a pro athlete.

Leal, D. (2020). Why Nutrition is The Most Important Part of Fitness?

Retreived From:


The author clearly conveys that you should use food as medicine to get the full effects of the foods that you consume on a daily basis. She goes on to explain that eating healthier has an array Exercise and Fitness of benefits such as: Reduced body fat, weight loss, and reducing your risk for illness. The author also talks about what superfoods are and why they are beneficial to your health. Superfoods are a rich source of antioxidants that helps us reduce inflamation that lead to infectious diseases. This article also talks about the importance of increasing you metabolism and various methods that you can increase metabolism. Those ways include foods such as hot peppers, green tea, black coffee, cold water, and whole grains. The article also refers to “fitness foods” which are oats, eggs, apples, lean protien.

Orienstien, B. (2014). Should you try these diets and fitness fads?

Retrieved From:

The purpose of this article is to analyze certain diets as well as workouts to see the validity and reliability of those diets and workouts. The article states that there are upsides to certain diets and workouts however, you also need to take them with a grain of salt as well as proceeding with caution with other diets. This article is written to decide what fitness and diet fads work and which ones simply don’t. The author goes through various diets and workout to seek the good as well as the bad in each of the diets and workouts. The author talks about different fads such as Jucing, the paleo diet, The gluteen free diet, running marathons, bootcamp workout, and functional workouts.

Exercise and Fitness

Zimmerman, A. (2019). Diet Trends and Health

Retrieved From:


This article highlights evrything that is need to know about diet and nutrition. The author starts out talking about the types of functional foods. The different types of functional foods are conventional, modified, medical and special dietary foods. These foods not only help meet your nutritional needs, but also help fight against illness and aging. The author then goes on to talk about different diets that will help prevent and treat different conditions that are detrimental to your health. A big part of monitoring your health is watching your sodium. The author talks about this through the DASH diet which stands for Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension, (this makes me wonder if this is where the salt free seasoning “Mrs Dash” gets it name). This diet advocates the use of spices instead of salt to use add flavor as well as removing the sodium from canned foods by rinsing them before cooking.

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