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AMP 425 Rebranding strategy Assignment

The Strategy of Re-Branding

Among the products that are of high demand today is the bottled water of Dasani. It is good to note that despite all that, it has been making great efforts so as to succeed in the sector of business. Since the day it was launched, it has been making tremendous efforts in the market competition to fight a Pepsi product called Aquarina which in relation to the American market it has also been liked by the people. For purposes of marketing Dasani water, a “bottled spunk” was used as a trademark since; it couldn’t survive without“spunk” as is used in many occasions to promote beverages. As much as all these efforts have been put in place to market Dasani, it is still struggling a lot so as to progress in the business sector in United States.

The use of a New Name

As a way of penetrating the market, Dasani has used a strategy of rebranding by using another different name called maintain spring water. This way, the brand name has a goal of ensuring that the product looks appealing and desirable to the consumers. This provides a perception to the clients of a product that is of a high quality (Nhat Hanh Le et al., 2014).

In recent times, many scientists have had issues with the high chemical content found in not just beverages, but also food that is manufactured and the diet. It is for that reason that the name was changed to look somehow natural and appealing so as to convince many customers to purchase it.

The Changing of Packaging

By changing bottled water packaging in relation to the new name of the brand, the potential customers will be motivated to buy because the product will have a different look. A more clear material and a reduced nylon paper cover will be used for the new packaging.

A mountain covered with a green forest will be used as a cover picture. This will help promote the product with the use of a new name which is very important in the alignment of the product (Todor, 2014). So as to protect the environment and carry out a duty of corporate social responsibility, the use of recycled materials will be of help in the new packaging. As a way of reaching many clients of different preferences and abilities, the company will package different sizes of bottled water for instance; 200 ml, 600 ml and a 1.3 litre of bottled water.

The Price Point of the bottled water

On the part of pricing, the prices of different water sizes will remain the same for example, a 600 ml bottle will be $2.50, $1 for the small water bottle and $20 for the newly introduced size of 1.3 litre bottles. For the sake of maintaining the product quality and that of policy for pricing, the company will not reduce or increase the prices of the products. That is the reason for the prices of bottled water to remain the same.

The Product Position

The company will make use of various channels of communication to promote the product like online sales, social media, local retailers as well as distributors who are in direct link with the target customers. This will ensure that there is an effective way of communication between the company and the customers. All the people who are within the market demographics are the target customers. The duty of the marketing team is to make sure that they market their product in sport events so that their product is sold to athletes (Miller, Merrilees & Yakimova, 2014). This will ensure that many people are reached and in the long run, the sales will increase. It is also the duty of the local retailers and the distributors to look to it that the new brand in the market is popularized and sold to the people.

The Strategy of Advertising

In the case of a sporting event, different strategies will be used to market the product like giving coupon offers to the customers. Also, the company can look to it that they sponsor special events in the region as well as the use of email marketing.

As a way of informing the clients of the rebranding of the bottled water, the company will use competitions and social media ads for the same. This will give the company an advantage over other competitors and it will help increase their target customers.

Method of distribution

The primary method of distribution for the bottled water in the company will be delivery to both retailers and wholesalers. This will help reduce the risks associated with the middlemen and contamination because the water will be delivered direct to the final consumer. In so doing also, the company will be abiding by the United States food safety guidelines and regulations. Nevertheless, so as to avoid pollution of the environment, the company will write an invoice to request for empty water bottles for recycling after they have been delivered.

The Quality Improvements

A team of quality analysts and marketing experts will be hired by the company to improve the perception of the clients over the bottled water. According to (Ing, 2012), the quality analysts will look to it that bottled water that is sold to the clients meets the quality standards and is of high quality. It is also important for the company to improve the quality of the bottled water by working with the relevant government’s agencies responsible.


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