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AMP-425 Benchmark Assignment - Social Media Strategy Analysis

AMP-425 Benchmark Assignment - Social Media Strategy Analysis

In every industry of business, there are always brands which compete to be the best among others. In such situations, the one that comes on top is normally considered the most successful and is seen to have met the needs of the customers through the use of relevant skills. In this paper instruction analysis of the segment of the product for the consumer is examined as well as outlet use of the social media, how effective social media is in terms of the product, the difference between various companies and the main strategies which the company should use for the sake of utilizing social media.

Baby Tula

This is a company that is famous in terms of selling products meant for children like; baby carriers, lunch boxes, hood towels, cover ups, back packs, stroller sunshades, and shoes among others.

On the part of women or the mothers, this company also sells their products which are normally of high quality like; shoes and torba bags. It is important to acknowledge the fact that this company is famous when it comes to the styles of products that it sells for both women and children. An examination of the Free To Grow (FTG) baby carrier is going to be looked at in this company.

Customer Segment of Baby Tula

The primary target of Baby Tula is caregivers and the parents. The children and infants of the age of between 7-45 pounds normally make use of the free to grow carriers gotten by their parents and caregivers. When it comes to segmentation, the carriers are subdivided based on income, loyalty and location. The carrier comes in full panel to target the locations which are colder, whereas, those colder areas use carriers that come with coast options. Also, the prices of FTG are different depending on the types. For example, the canvas FTG costs about $ 160 and over $ 1,200 for their infancy. Apart from segmentation based on the income which can’t be afforded by all the customers, customers who are loyal to the brand are also segmented by being given reward points when they purchase the product.

The Outlets of Social Media in Baby Tula

In Baby Tula, for the sake of promoting their products in social media, the management makes use of Face book, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram among other platforms.

The use of social media has proven without reasonable doubt to be effective in educating the customers on information concerning baby wearing, announcement of the new product in the market as well as for the purposes of blogging on matters to do with the baby wearing. With due importance, social media has proven to be of importance to individuals, organizations and businesses to not only interact with each other but also to develop relationships with online communities (Bowden, 2014). For example, when Baby Tula released the FTG carrier, they used a social media campaign #GrowWithTula (Piencka, 2018).

Effectiveness of Social Media on Baby Tula

According to (Baby, 2018), in six month, the followers of the Face book page of Baby Tula were 8,000. This is a clear indication of an increase in the following of the page because of the campaign that saw to it that 91 pictures posted. A higher success was also recorded on Instagram with over 977 posts on the hash tag #GrowWithTula. And lastly, Twitter had only six hash tags for the campaign which proved to be the least recording.

Therefore, the use of social media helped big deal to popularize the products of Baby Tula and it is for that reason that their sales increased a lot.

Comparing Baby Carrier with other similar products

Just like baby carrier, Ergo baby is also another similar product that clients use in the market. It has also made use of not only Face book pages to popularize it, but also Instagram, YouTube and Twitter as the case for baby carrier.

For purposes of being different from other competitors, first; Baby Tula has made sure that they have continued to add new products that are similar for the sake of satisfying the various needs of their clients in the market. Secondly, hand-woven materials from mothers have been in good use by Baby Tula. These hand-woven carriers are liked by many since they are of high quality.

Strategies to be used by Baby Tula in the market

So as to increase their competitive advantage and increase their sales through the use of social media, there is need for Baby Tula to utilize each social platform as an independent entity (De Cunha, 2018). This will ensure that the needs for each customer over the posts are responded to in each platform. As put forth by (Henneberry, 2016), the management should respond to social listening on social media. This is because it gives room to the company to listen to clients and then respond accordingly to their interests. In so doing, the clients will feel that the company is listening to them and may become new clients or remain customers of the products of Baby



In conclusion, the use of social media for example Twitter, Face book and Instagram has proven to be very successful in the selling of the products of Baby Tula. Through social media, the customers have not only been informed about new products in the market, but also, they have been able to know more about a product. For the sake of survival in the market, there is need to continue bringing new similar products so as to cater for varied needs of the client.


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