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A required item that contains personal, training, and qualification information for assigned personn

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

A document that identifies a number of discrepancies individually and gives recommended solutions with dates for reevaluation is known as what document?

Letter of Instruction

Contruibutions of funds that support Moral, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) are provided from what source?

Navy Resale System

Prisoners shall be visited, as necessary, to ascertain their condition and to care for their needs at what minimum frequency?

Every 4 hours

Navy personnel may exchange assigned duty with permission from whom?

Commanding Officer

Garbage can be thrown overboard beyon what specific distance from any coastline?

12 Miles

A document that directs weapon, sensor, and communication configurations to respond to various threats is known as what term?

Captain's Battle Orders

In regards to Use of Government Resources, which of the following is an example of an appropriate task your subordinates may perform?

Taking morning muster

Communication with Congress for Congressional action must have the acceptance and knowledge of what person?

Secretary of the Navy

The establishment, maintanance, and disposition of office files within an activity is the responsibility of what person?

Commanding officer

Which, if any, of the following Navy groups is exempt from adherence to the Navy's core values?


Sailors who fulfill their responsibilities under any and ass circumstances in the absense of direct supervision are exercising which characteristic?


The ability to motivate and influence Sailors to do the job is referred to by what term?


For a dependent nation to project and maintain political, economic, and military strength, which of the following elements is displayed?

Sea power

Influences such as childhood experiences, ethnic background, and religious heritage determine which of the following characteristics?


When you define an effective leader, which of the following leadership elements should not be considered?


While on official travel, which of the following is an example of a benefit that you may keep?

Frequent flyer miles earned on official travel

Maintaining Navy Regulations and ensuring that they conform to the current needs of the Department of the Navy is the responsibility of what authority?

Chief of Naval Operations

When punitive action does not seem appropriate, what corrective measure should be used?

Withholding of priveleges

A series of coordinated steps for the performance of a function is the definition of what term?


Which of the following positions is defined as the comptroller of the Navy?

The Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Financial Management)

Extra duty may only be given during which proceeding(s)?

Non-Judicial Punishment or Court-Martial

A Sailor is not qualified to accomplish a task until what action is taken?

Required entry is made in their service record

Which of the following is a role of the Naval Inspector General?

Receives allegations of inefficiency, misconduct, impropriety, mismanagement or violations of law, and investigates or refers such matters for investigation

Which of the following is considered non-chargeable leave?

Graduation Leave

In your position as a government employee, you may accept a single gift valued at what maximum amount?


Which of the following aspirations is associated with the core value of honor?

To conduct myself in the highest ethical manner

To give others what they want without offering opinions describes what mode of conflict management?


What leadership style puts people first?


When each party is willing to give up something, what conflict management mode is being used?


Supervisory skills include which of the following elements?

Leadership and Management

When asserting your work center personnel's performance, what characteristic(s) should you consider?

Attitude, knowledge, and work habits

The examination of each Naval ship every three years is the responsibility of what entity?

Board of Inspection and Survey

It is acceptable to raise funds at work for your off duty organization under what condition?

When in your personal capacity, but you may not solicit subordinates

Should the Secretary of the Navy die, resign, or be absent from his position, what person should perform his duties?

Under Secretary of the Navy

A required item that contains personal, training, and qualification information for assigned personnel is known by what term?

Division Officer's Notebook

Day-to-day duty showing respect toward all people without regard to race, religion, or gender is known by what term?


What is the maximum amount allowed to be given as a non-monetary gift to a superior or to receive from a subordinate?


The Leading Petty officer is considered what level of management?

Operating Management

In the Navy, the equivalent of an arrest in civilian life is the definition of what term?


What is the overall purpose of Navy Training?

To support and improve fleet readiness

You can make a positive impact on command policies by using what methods or tools?

Verbal and written inputs

Rigidity, short-term focus, and lack of motivation are potential repercussions of which of the following approaches?

Strong management; weak leadership

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