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A coaching relationship focuses on providing Marines with the opportunity to do which of the followi

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

The Marine Corps Manual states the objective of Marine Corps leadership is to develop the leadership qualities of Marines to enable them to assume progressively greater responsibilities in the Marine Corps and society.

The Marine Corps Manual states an individual's responsibility for leadership ______ dependent upon authority and Marines are expected to exert proper influence upon their _____

is not, comrades,

All Marines must invest a constant effort to fill each day toward increasing their ________ and that of their ______ Marines.

personal development , subordinate

Leaders must:

ensure their subordinates are comfortable in asking for advice and assistance not only in military matters but for personal problems as well.

Counseling, coaching, and mentoring are three leadership development tools:

that support an individual's growth and ability to assume greater responsibilities.


is a directed task that is led by the senior Marine in a relationship.

The Marine Corps directs when specific counseling events occur. Following a first counseling within _____of joining a unit:

30 days

Lance corporals and below are to be counseled every ________

30 days.

•All other Marines are to be counseled a second time within ________ and subsequently counseled every ___________ following.

90 days, 6 months

For corporal trhough general, the second counseling following the initial counseling session should occur _____ days following the initial counseling and at least every _______ days afterwards.

90, 180

The real strength of counseling, coaching, and mentoring is the interconnection between all three of these leadership tools make the difference in:

•Strengthening unit cohesion

•Cultivating each Marines potential •Instilling the core values •Establishing mutual understanding, implicit communications, and climates of trust

Together, counseling


Counseling session and performance evaluations, although similar, should be _________________.

Separate and clearly distinguished from one another

Together, counseling, coaching and mentoring are tools that enable ___________________?

Our core values to be firmly established throughout each Marine's leadership development.

The backbone of the Marine Corps is

the individual Marine.

It is a leadership responsibility to enable Marines to assume progressively greater responsibilities in the Marine Corps and society. The primary tools to accomplish this are: •

Counseling, which ensures Marines are on track for success to be both technically and professionally competent. •Coaching, which ensures Marines continue toward increasing their personal development and that of their subordinate Marines. •Mentoring, which is an important source of encouragement and perspective, providing depth to the experiences of being a Marine.

These leadership interactions:

serve to perpetuate values and ethos of the Marine Corps. Consistent counseling, coaching, and mentoring provide the foundation upon which honor, courage, and commitment are instilled throughout a Marine's leadership development.

Which leadership interaction is the cornerstone of General Lejeune's "teacher/scholar" model of interaction between senior and junior Marines?


Which leadership interaction is an integral function of day-to-day leadership?


Which leadership interaction establishes expectations of performance?


All Marines are ____________ to seek out a mentor, as mentors are sources of encouragement and ___________.

Encouraged, perspective

Why is coaching one of the most powerful tools a leader has to improve performance?

it focuses on the critical details it corrects errors on the spot it prevents negative learning

Benefits of Coaching:

• It is integral within daily operations. • Feedback is continuously provided on an informal basis. • Developmental goals are set, documented, and communicated. • With the focus on development vice performance, coaching is not part of a Marine's evaluation.

Leaders use coaching to help Marines perform which of the following?

Daily operational jobs and tasks.

When used as an evaluation tool, coaching accomplishes which of the following? Select all that apply.

Prevents negative learning improves speed

provides immediate feedback

A coaching relationship focuses on providing Marines with the opportunity to do which of the following?

Build stronger skills, abilities, and unit cohesion Accept responsibility for their performance Create and sustain their own development opportunities

Of the leadership tools/techniques that develop and practice hands-on leadership skills, __________ ___________ prepares or equips leaders to perform leadership tasks associated with the development of subordinates?

On-the-job performance

The Marine Corps fosters an environment that promotes personal and professional growth through the exchange of information, skills, attitudes, and behaviors.


Which of the following are evaluation tools used during performance coaching? Select all that apply.

Corrects errors on the spot, Provides help when needed, Focuses on critical details

What factors influence a coaching relationship? Select all that apply.

Collaboration, Respect

When used by the Marine being coached, questioning is useful to

Gain insight's into their individual developmental needs

Providing effective feedback is essential to coaching. Which of the following are true statements regarding feedback?

Feedback should be used to provide praise for a job well done or to provide constructive corrective feedback Feedback should be done in a positive manner aimed at developing the individual first and the skills second.

which of the following statements on mentoring is true?

Mentoring typically endures beyond a single tour of duty. Mentoring is a voluntary, developmental relationship between an experienced person and one of lesser experience Mentoring Is characterized by mutual trust and respect

Why de we use coaching to develop Marines?

Coaching provide Marines the opportunity to create and sustain their own developmental opportunities; accept responsibility for their performance; and build stronger skills, abilities, and unit cohesion

Active listening enables a coaching relationship to achieve which of the following?

Mutual trust and respect

Coaching is a(n) __________ relationship where the coach helps a Marine move to a desired state of performance

One - on - one

Counseling is

imperative to manage the expectations of the Marine. Every Marine wants to know where they stand and what is expected of them. Counseling is the tool that establishes these expectations and articulates how well the individual Marine meets them. Counseling: •Establishes the seniors expectations •Establishes the billets within the unit assigned to the Marine •Establishes goals to be met before next scheduled counseling •Prevents against surprises on performance evaluations

Counseling focuses

on improving performance, which increases unit readiness and effectiveness. Counseling: •Is used to develop Marines to their highest potential •Involves two-way communication •Merges personal and organizational values •Supports and reinforces good performance •Identifies and corrects deficiencies

A leader senior to yourself describes their personal expectations, those of the unit, and those of the Marine Corps; they also explain the requirements for successful job performance. When do these expectations and requirements occur?

Formal initial counseling session

Performance evaluations focus on the past. Counseling also considers the past, but only as a _______________

Means of directing attention to improving performance

Performance evaluation:

•Is always formal in nature. •Conducted at set periodic timelines by the chain of command to document performance and uncorrected deficiencies. •Focuses primarily on observed past performance

Negative counseling does not automatically constitute an impact on a performance evaluation, unless the deficiency remains uncorrected and the desired standard is not maintained.

What is the purpose of the Marine Corps counseling program?

To develop a Marine to their highest potential

Marine Corps policy establishes three types of counseling:

directive, non-directive, and collaborative.


With the directive approach, the senior carries the ball, analyzing the situation, developing a solution or a plan for improvement, and telling the junior what to do. This approach is "senior centered." The senior is open and frank about influencing the junior to be one kind of person rather than another. When questioning is used with directive counseling, closed-ended questions will be asked to elicit yes or no responses.


With the nondirective counseling approach, the senior asks open-ended questions, listens, and draws the junior out. The senior helps the junior to analyze the situation and to develop the solution or plan for improvement. This approach is "junior centered." The junior is encouraged to talk, to be trouble free, and to have a clear mind while the senior helps the junior, mostly by listening. The goal of the nondirective approach is to help the junior become more mature and to develop personal resources. The junior "owns" the problem and the solution.

During which type of counseling does the senior allow two-way analysis to develop solutions?

The non-directive type


•Acknowledges good performance and/or adherence to expected standards •Can be formal during 30 day counseling or informal verbal accolade •Example: Marine receives praise for outstanding inspection results

the collaborative-combination approach,

the senior uses non-direct collaboration before directing the solution.

A negative counseling

is normally the result of a failed expectation. A failed expectation requires immediate correction and compliance. Negative counseling is usually informal and directive in nature, but can be formal. Negative counseling does not always result in an adverse performance evaluation, unless the failed expectation remains uncorrected.

A senior using questioning to encourage the junior to talk while the senior mostly listens, also known as "junior centered," is an example of ________ counseling. A Marine receiving praise for good performance is an example of _______ counseling.

Nondirective; positive

The counseling process involves supporting and ________ good performance as well as identifying and ________ deficiencies.

Reinforcing; correcting

A Marine receiving correction from his superior as a result of a failed expectation is an example of ________ counseling. A Marine receiving praise for good performance or adherence to expected standards is an example of _______ counseling.

Negative; positive

________ counseling does not always result in an substandard performance evaluation unless the failed expectation remains uncorrected.


coaching uses unique listening technique not applicable to counseling or mentoring


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